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Engineered for high-impact activities, the Superfeet ORANGE features a shock-absorbing foam forefoot for people who punish their feet.Superfeet ORANGE insole is high profile and high volume


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Engineered for high-impact activities, the Superfeet ORANGE features a shock-absorbing foam forefoot for people who punish their feet.Superfeet ORANGE insole is high profile and high volume



We created ORANGE insoles for the people who want a little more spring under their feet when they go the extra mile. We re-engineered our insole design to add a resilient, high-impact foam forefoot, while maintaining our unmistakable shape and legendary support. The result is an insole that can take a pounding so your feet don’t have to.

Superfeet ORANGE insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

Fit Profile

High-profile insole that offers a deep and narrow heel cup for maximum support.

Fits Best In

All types of medium and high-volume footwear with removable insoles like athletic shoes and boots.


If you are not satisfied with your new Superfeet Insoles, return them with your receipt within 60 days to your place of purchase for a credit or refund.


Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of your footwear to your foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the deep, structured heel cup and full-length foam provide support and comfort.

  • 1.

    Deep Heel Cup

    Features a deep, narrow heel cup that helps support the foot during high-impact activities and long distances.

  • 2.

    Biomechanical Shape

    The slim, contoured shape helps stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees.

  • 3.

    Organic, Odor-Control Coating

    All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.


I have plantar fasciitis and have had a lot of problems with shoes and such over the past two years. A friend recommended Superfeet. I started looking into them and my friend bought them as an early Christmas present. LOVE! I put them in my shoes and for the first time in 2 years my feet don't hurt. I can walk the dog and I don't have any problems. Waking up and getting out of bed is an amazing experience because I can stand without pain. I'm very happy and quite ecstatic with my new Orange Superfeet!

(Posted on 12/10/2015)


I have 6 sets of Superfeet insoles for my regular shoes, Hockey Skates, Cowboy boots and hiking shoes. Superfeet insoles have changed my life. They are actually better than the custom inserts that I got from my doctor for more than three times the price. I have worn a couple of sets out, but considering the miles I put on them they where more than worth the money. If you have foot problems - try these and they will make a difference.

(Posted on 8/9/2015)


I have had a foot issue for over 10 years. Have been to several Doctors, used plenty of sole inserts and even had some made on the recomendation of my surgeon who eventually dd do surgery and had scheduled me for the other foot.

After no relief at all I went for a second Opinion to another surgeon. He heard my story and just shook his head in disbelief. Gave me a couple of injections in the foot and told me to go buy a pair of Superfeet as soon as I leave his office,which I did.

Within a week my feet feel amazing literally unbelievable difference. To think how long I endured the pain, missed events because I could barley walk and how much work I missed.

Anyway, Thank you Superfeet for giving me my life back.

(Posted on 7/29/2015)


When I hiked the John Muir trail, I was prepared for some pain, and high impact on my feet, but I didn't expect something as small as an insole to save the day. I wore the superfeet oranges to the trail and.....it felt AMAZING!!! My feet still hurt from time to time, but all in all I was fine. I'm glad I got the superfeet orange because if I didn't, who knows what would have happened to my feet.

(Posted on 11/13/2014)


I have the orange in my work boots. They work like the green, just a bit more padding. I am very happy with them.

(Posted on 9/30/2014)


I'm a professional carpet cleaner and spend a lot of time on my feet. I was having so much pain in my feet by the end of the day I didn't know what to do. I considered going to a good feet store but while searching their bad reviews online I came upon superfeets reviews. I wondered if they were worth the $40 (which is so much cheaper than anywhere else). The quality is amazing and my problems went away quickly. I tried wearing other shoes without swapping them out and my pain returned immediately. So I'm back to order two more sets of the superfeet orange so I can have them in my other shoes.

(Posted on 8/6/2014)

Manny B

These insoles made all the difference in my daily hustle and grind. I noticed the difference the very next day my routinely tired aching feet no longer ached. A investment well worth it.

(Posted on 7/1/2014)


They worked great as they got me back from a very hard, injury filled winter. I was able to run hard and get back to where I left of in Track, but towards the end of the season the heels began to have cracks on the inside of the heel cup and I now have Plantar Fasciitis along with my IT band pain coming back. It has been 329 miles that I've ran in them. They worked well until the last two weeks or so. Time for new pair.

(Posted on 5/9/2014)


I would love to give these a five star they helped me get over Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, but I rotate through 4 pair of shoes and even the superfeet I bought less than 6 months ago has cracks in the heal. I was wondering why I was starting to feel pain in my hip and right leg when I found the whole back if the heal support was blown out (broken). Like I said with 4 pair six months is really only a couple of months worth of ware.

(Posted on 10/30/2013)


Used for backpacking. Lasted 700+ miles, would have lasted longer if I didn't get lazy about little rocks slipping in. Never have sore feet. The stiff, directed heel definitely helps to rock forward on the toe quick and get some good spring despite carrying 20-30lbs.

(Posted on 9/8/2013)


I have had the orange inserts in my Army boots every day on deployment. Now that I am home I use them not only in my running shoes but in the work boots that I spend all day in walking on concrete floors.

(Posted on 8/29/2013)

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Superfeet Footwear Sizing Guide

There is no industry standard for footwear sizes. For example, a size 8 by one footwear manufacturer might be different from a size 8 produced by another. That's why Superfeet makes full-length insoles in size ranges (typically spanning 1½ sizes) to handle the variations. You may need to trim your insoles to fit in your footwear.

What to look for in a proper fit:

  • Check if your heel fits inside the heel cup, and not over the edge.
  • If the insole is too narrow, go up a letter-size.
  • If your toes extend beyond the end of the foam forefoot, go up a letter-size.