Nobody moves the way you do

The unique configuration of your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons creates a movement pattern that's yours and yours alone. Your body instinctively wants to move in a way that expends as little energy as possible, a concept that's been dubbed your Preferred Movement Pathway.

It's not the job of insoles or shoes to correct, control or change the unique way you move. Instead, it's important to wear products that keep you as close to your unique Preferred Movement Pathway for as long as possible — products personalized to each of your feet and the unique way you move.



FitStation powered by HP is an innovative hardware and software platform that captures 3D scans of the foot, and uses dynamic pressure mapping technology to create your one-of-a-kind Kinetic Profile, a set of biometric data that captures the unique way your body moves.

Your Kinetic Profile combines with the magic of cutting-edge advances in 3D-printing and footwear manufacturing to create personalized products that are Technically You™.

Though our partnership with HP, we have the technology to deliver 3D printed insoles and custom footwear that meets our exacting standards.


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We are thrilled you are interested in joining the team! All of our open positions are listed and have a link to use to upload your resume and cover letter.

You will receive updates on where we are at in the screening/interviewing process, so check your email!

While not every role has the exact same cookie cutter experience, you can expect something along the lines of:

  • After you've uploaded your resume and cover letter you will receive an email confirming your resume was received and detailing the next steps
  • We review all of the resumes received and select the top candidates for an interview. Our promise to you: regardless of the outcome, you will hear back from us. We know you've spent a lot of time and effort putting together your resume and cover letter and that means a lot to us. We feel like communicating that it was received and letting you know what the outcome of the screening process is, is the very least we could do to show our appreciation for your consideration to join our team
    • If you are selected for an interview, you will receive a phone call from a member of the People, Values and Culture team (aka Human Resources) setting up a date/time. Depending on where you are, this might be an in-person interview or it could take place via Skype.
    • If you were not selected for an interview, you will receive an email explaining why.
  • If there is mutual interest after your first interview, you may have one or possibly two more hour(ish) long interviews before being brought back in for what we affectionately call "the gauntlet".
  • In the gauntlet you will get the opportunity to spend at least half of a day at Superfeet, getting to know the team you'll potentially be joining and other key people you'll interact with. You'll interview with everyone from a fun lunch crew to the President!

Superfeet has a business casual environment and we invite you to dress the same--you won't see a suit or tie in the place! We encourage you to dress however you feel comfortable though, so if a suit and/or tie is what helps you feel in your zone, then by all means rock it! The only request we have is that you refrain from wearing any perfume/cologne/scented lotions. We are a fragrance-free zone and appreciate your help in keeping it that way.

That age old saying rings true here: just be yourself! We want to get to know you and all your quirks and want you to be comfortable asking questions so you can get to know us and our quirks as well!