6 Quick and Easy Wellness Tips

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6 Quick and Easy Wellness Tips

By: Erica Quam, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and Superfeet Wellness Expert. Erica Quam has taught yoga to athletes and active individuals for 11 years. Erica first began teaching to her athletes during her 15-year career as a college swim coach. She believes yoga can help prevent injuries and reduce stress, while building strength, flexibility and confidence.

  1. Trouble getting to sleep at night?
    Try resting your calves on a chair for 5-10 minutes before you go to bed.  Place your hands on your belly and focus on having a smooth, relaxed breath.  Sometimes this is all you need to help you get a deeper night of sleep.


  1. To work on your balance every day, try standing on one leg while you brush your teeth.
    If you do yoga, try having your leg in tree pose.  Adding a new habit to your normal routine can helps you be more consistent.  As we get older our balance can be more challenging and when you practice balancing you can get better.


  1. On days when you’re feeling tight, try giving your feet some extra attention.
    Try rolling out your feet on a lacrosse ball, doing some simple foot compressions between your hands, or even interlacing your fingers between your toes to create more space.  Spend 3 minutes on one foot. Then, stand up and see how you feel in your body before repeating the same sequence on the other side.


  1. Use an eyebag for deeper relaxation.
    If you need a short break during the day, set a timer for 5 minutes and lie in savasana (corpse pose).  Try using an eyebag to cover your eyes for faster and deeper relaxation.  When your eyes are busy, your mind also tends to be busy.  Having weight over your eyes can calm and soothe your nervous system.


  1. A great stretch to do at your desk during the day is a seated twist.
    Place your feet on the floor, sit tall with good posture, take a breath in and on an exhalation twist to the side.  Think about starting your twist from your belly, then rotate your chest, and then turn your head to the side to look over your shoulder.  Take a few more deep breaths twisting further on the exhalation.  Repeat on your other side.  Twisting poses are good for digestion and can ease an achy back.


  1. Set up your yoga mat the night before.
    If you know you want to practice yoga the next day, try setting your mat up the night before.  This can be a powerful intention for you to set to begin the next day with yoga.  When it’s right there in front of you it takes away one more excuse.

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September 22, 2019