Adventure with SF: Meet Mallorie

Adventure with SF: Meet Mallorie

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We spend our days making products that help people run, jump, hike, ski, dance, climb, work, play and live life to its fullest. But when we aren't at the office, we're out in the world adventuring with Superfeet products, just like you. In this series, meet some of our employee-owners, read their stories and follow along as they #adventurewithsf in the Superfeet Sprinter Van. 

Meet Mallorie

Adventure with Superfeet - Mallorie Estenson

Superfeet Job Title:

Marketing Assistant

What that means (in Mallorie's words):

Expense report extraordinaire, head of the snack department and liker of all Superfeet social media.

Mallorie's favorite Superfeet product:

Adventure with Superfeet - HOTPINK insoles

What's one thing you never leave home without?

My trusty Patagonia R1 accompanies me almost everywhere I go.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose (and why)?

If I could have any superpower, I would have the ability to bend time so that I could spend equal parts doing what I love here at Superfeet and doing what I love out in the mountains. I love (and live) to climb, but I've got a pretty good gig here, too.

The superpower I currently have is the ability to nap most anywhere. I have this weird knack for finding funny places to pass out (between rocks, in cars, or wherever I may roam.)

About Mallorie's Adventure

Where did you adventure to in the Superfeet Sprinter Van?

Our incredible backyard! I only had to drive about an hour and a half from work to get to Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan.

Post-Climb - Mount Baker Parking Lot - Adventure with Superfeet - Mallorie Estenson

Who did you adventure with?

Tim Black - my partner in and out of the backcountry.

What was the best part of your adventure?

That weekend, Sunday was my birthday and Earth Day. To celebrate, I climbed Mount Shuksan's summit block in a floral dress and then skied all the way down - still in the dress. (Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that my trusty sun hoody is still my preferred glacier-travel layer. I got a wicked sunburn everywhere the dress didn't cover! Ha! Totally worth it.)

Adventure with Superfeet - Mallorie Estenson - Shuksan - Hells Highway

Adventure with Superfeet - Mallorie Estenson - Mount Shuksan - Climbing - Skiing

Tell us something else fun/exhilirating/different/thrilling about your adventure:

A few things: summiting Shuksan in 'winter,' snowy conditions was awesome; having my climbing party double as a birthday party; skiing in a dress; skiing powder in April was pretty freakin' fantastic... I'd say the whole thing was fun, unique, exhilarating, different and thrilling. Mission accomplished.

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May 9, 2018