Featured Retailer: Alton Sports

Featured Retailer: Alton Sports

Each month we're featuring an interview with a local retailer where you can find Superfeet. Get the scoop on local favorites, plus hear advice on how to get the best Superfeet fit for you.  This month's featured retailer: Alton Sports

Retailer name:

Alton Sports

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Facebook: /altonsportsuk| Instagram: @altonsportsuk | Twitter: @altonsportsuk


Eastleigh | Farnham | Four Marks

How are you being safe in this current climate?

Our customers are greeted at the door by a team member. Upon entry they are asked to sterilize their hands using provided hand sanitizer and to wear a mask unless they are medically exempt. Customers are then taken to one of our private fitting areas where we can maintain social distancing at all times. In-between each customer the areas are all fully cleaned with sterilizing equipment. We carefully limit the number of customers into the store and the flow of people at all times. We have also worked hard to improve airflow into the building, creating light fresh open spaces

Why people should come in-store to get footwear fitted?

At Alton Sports we offer a 1:1 bespoke fitting service with a full gait analysis. All of our team members are enthusiastic runners with years of experience who understand just how important the right pair of shoes and insoles are. We stock all the major running brands along side a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Top running tips? 

Our staff weighs in with their best running advice:

Alan:  Every so often I really enjoy taking the time to find a new trail or path. It’s so easy to always run the same routes but sometimes a new adventure is just what’s needed.

Richard: Don’t be afraid to slow down on those easy runs. Easy should be easy!

Milly: Run with friends!  There are some fantastic social friendly running clubs out there that are as much about the conversation as the pace.

For anyone visiting the area, what's your favorite running route, and why? 

Alan:  Ceasers Camp–Gravel trails, long climbs and sharp descents. It has it all!

Richard:   Farnham Park–A fantastic mix of smooth path and muddy trail. Something for everyone, but beware of the hills. 

Milly: There are some great running clubs in the area that are always welcoming to visitors. Check out Blackwater Valley Runners for a friendly local club who will happily take you round the best spots.

October 23, 2020
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