Featured Retailer: Greaves Sports

Featured Retailer: Greaves Sports

Each month we're featuring an interview with a local retailer where you can find Superfeet. Get the scoop on local favorites, plus hear advice on how to get the best Superfeet fit for you.  This month's featured retailer: Greaves Sports

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Greaves Sports

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Facebook: /greavessports| Instagram: @greaves_sports | Twitter: @GreavesSports |  YouTube: GreavesSportsTV


23 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3PW

What's your favourite local running route, and why?

Favourite running route for me would be Pollok Country Park. For me it has lots of variety and is lovely no matter the weather. Spanning 146 hectares of parkland, the variety of surfaces to run is plentiful. The roads running throughout are smooth and mostly lined with tall trees so you feel you are well and truly in the countryside. Wooded areas have trail paths cutting through them and large open grass areas too help soften the blow when the tarmac gets too much! The river Cart runs through the park which is nice to run alongside for a while, where it meets Pollok House that has gorgeous manicured gardens to run through too. 

With long flat roads and hills too, the park meets the demands of a long Sunday run style session or a short sharp intense workout too. 

Lastly, the park features fields with Highland cattle, horse stables, cricket club and rugby club so it always has something going on to look at and take your mind off the run for a while. 

In short, the park has loads to offer for runners, cyclists and walkers alike. 

Why people should come in-store to get shoes fitted?

Generally speaking, in my opinion, all running shoes are going to feel pretty comfortable.

However, once you start to try on various models from different brands, it becomes clear that the shape and feel will vary slightly. Some will be more spacious, some closer fitting, some softer, some firmer. Certain brands offer different width fittings in their popular models and where possible if there is a shoe that feels the most comfortable but the colour is not desired, then there is the chance that we can order it in a different colour pending availability. 

Everyone will have a slightly different idea of what they are looking for from a shoe and that can change throughout their running career. 

If it is your first time being fitted, we are privileged to be able to offer our customers our Fitstation service.

Through a combination of a 3D foot scanner and pressure pad analysis, we can help show people a bit more about their biomechanics in simple terms and help guide them towards a more appropriate group of trainers more suitable for their gait profile. Furthermore, we have a large shop floor area for customers to walk around in when trying on the shoes, as well as two treadmills to walk/jog/run in the shoes for a minute or two also. 

Experience dynamic pressure plate mapping via Fitstation Experience dynamic pressure plate mapping via Fitstation

What's your best running tip?  

Something I like to remind people is that when running, the majority of their training should be of an easy to moderate effort, with speed and hard effort being the minority. Too much hard effort is likely to lead to exhaustion and injuries, which no one enjoys. 

Easy to moderate effort training will help burn fat, enable you to train for longer and feel more energised. The hard effort stuff should be the 'icing on the cake'!

December 21, 2020
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