Featured Retailer: Ski Exchange

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Featured Retailer: Ski Exchange

Each month we're featuring an interview with a local retailer where you can find Superfeet. Get the scoop on local favorites, plus hear advice on how to get the best Superfeet fit for you.  This month's featured retailer: Ski Exchange

Retailer name:

Ski Exchange

Social media handles:

Facebook: /skiexchangeltd| Instagram: @skiexchangeltd 


Unit 27 Dry Drayton Industries, Scotland Road, Dry Drayton, Cambridge CB23 8AT

How are you being safe in this current climate?

We have made a number of changes in order to make the shop Covid secure. We have contactless hand sanitizers at the main entrance and at the foot of the stairs to the first floor clothing and accessories area. We have altered the layout of the store to create a circular flow for busy periods.

In the boot fitting room we have moveable screens to protect both customers and staff as well as wearing masks and sanitizing each fitting station in between customers. We offer 2-hour appointment slots and are open 7 days a week with late night opening on Wednesdays and Thursdays in order to reduce customer numbers at peak times.

Why people should come in-store to get boots fitted?

Our three boot fitting staff are avid skiers and experienced boot fitters with more than 60 years of experience between them! After first carefully measuring the foot both unweighted and weight bearing, we assess the customers flexibility and biomechanical action. Dependant on foot type and strength, we will them make a custom Superfeet footbed or select the appropriate of the shelf footbed. We will then select two to three boots for the customer to try based on foot shape to boot shape fit, as well as the correct stiffness/flex for the customers needs.

Our boot range has been carefully selected for customization. All models are fully customizable, whether through heat moulding or shell stretching with the arsenal of boot fitting tools we have built up over the 35 years The Ski Exchange has been in business.  

Once the customization and fitting has been done then the customer gets to go skiing but if any issues with the boot arise the customer is covered under our comfort guarantee.

Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting
Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting
Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting Getting fit for ski boots in a COVID-safe setting

Top tips for wearing ski boots comfortably?  

The biggest single thing anyone can do to improve the comfort of their ski boots is to make sure you are using a good quality, well fitting footbed, preferably Superfeet.

A good footbed give a consistent shape foot in a consistent position in the boot, the rest of the boot can then be moulded and shaped around that consistent foot.

When doing the boots up the upper two clips should be fastened quite firmly, the lower clip firmer than the upper, but the clips across the foot should only be “finger” tight. If you need to do the boot up tighter the you are holding the foot with pressure from the clips and not with the fit of the boot.

What's your favourite ski resort and why?

Anywhere that nobody knows I'm a boot fitter. That way I can ski in peace and not end up working every evening!

December 10, 2020
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