Featured Retailer: Tiso/George Fisher

Featured Retailer: Tiso/George Fisher

Each month we're featuring an interview with a local retailer where you can find Superfeet. Get the scoop on local favorites, like running routes and trails, plus hear advice on how to get the best Superfeet fit for you.  First up: Tiso and George Fisher

Retailer name:

Tiso / George Fisher

Social media handles:

Facebook: @TisoOnline / @georgefisheruk | Instagram: @tisoonline / @georgefisheruk


Tiso – Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Aviemore, Inverness, Aberdeen, and Dundee / George Fisher: Keswick, Lake District

How are you being safe in current trading environment?

We are following all government guidance with regards to social distancing within our stores, have implemented queue management and one-way flow systems where appropriate, and we are encouraging customers to use hand sanitiser as they enter the premises and wear a mask or face covering. Within the boot room we have clearly designated positions from which colleagues can provide advice or assistance to customers whilst maintaining social distance, yet this adapted boot fitting does not affect the quality of our service.

Why people should come in-store to get footwear fitted?

Tiso started out buying and selling boots in 1962. You could say Tiso has been built on footwear – certainly our reputation has. For nearly sixty years, we have been helping our customers have adventures, whether large or small, with friends, family, or alone in the wild. All our stores have qualified footwear specialists who are there to ensure you get the right boots for your feet, and we offer a 4 step footwear guarantee. We will listen, recommend, measure, and suggest: listen to your specific needs, recommend the right footwear for you, measure and assess your feet through our personalised footwear analysis, and suggest a supportive insole and suitable sock if appropriate. We also offer specific advice on recommended cleaning and protective products and techniques.

George Fisher’s business is built on boots, and the boot room is the heart of the store. For decades climbers and walkers from all over the UK have come to George Fisher to get their boots fitted, and the store has an extensive boot range, featuring world-famous international brands as well as local ones. Our founder always felt most strongly that everybody who ventured out onto the fells should be properly equipped, especially in respect of footwear, yet he recognised the financial implications of equipping children with growing feet and once-a-year users. He therefore set up the junior boot exchange; if you bring in your children’s’ boots in a clean, dry condition, with the original receipt then you can get up to 50% off a new pair of boots. If you are just coming to visit the Lake District for a few days, or don’t want to commit to buying a new pair of boots, then you can hire a pair of boots for a few days or even up to a week. The George Fisher Hire Service is one of the busiest departments in the store.

Top tip for the Outdoors?

Remember to act responsibly and keep our wild places wild – leave only footsteps.

For anyone visiting the area, where is your favourite walking route and why?

In terms of Scotland there is such a huge quality and quantity of walks right on our doorstep, however we love the Cairngorms and our store in Aviemore is perfectly situated for exploring the surrounding mountains. The walk to Lochan Uaine (The Green Loch) in Glenmore Forest is particularly spectacular, heading through the ancient Caledonian pines. Local legend tells that the lochan gets its green colour because fairies wash their clothes in it.

In terms of George Fisher and the Lake District, it has to be the Abrahams Tea Round: a 30 mile running route with 12,000 feet of ascent that takes you from the front of George Fisher, over to Buttermere and back again in a lovely scenic journey through the local fells. It takes in all the tops you can see from the café window (Abrahams Tea shop – hence the round name). You even get a free cuppa at the end.

August 24, 2020