Super Squad Stories: Tiffany Verbica

Super Squad Stories: Tiffany Verbica

Note: This is a big year for us.

We’re dedicating more time, products and funds to local and national charities

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And, we’ve got big plans to bring you useful tips, tricks and inspiring stories, here on the Superfeet Footnotes blog.

Superfeet Stories

First up: we’re pleased to introduce Superfeet Stories.  Throughout this year, we’ll be chatting with people who inspire us -- individuals who are taking their Superfeet above and beyond to accomplish amazing things.

This week, we’re crushing on Tiffany Verbica -- a trail runner and multi-sport athlete from California.  A self-described renaissance runner, Tiffany reignited her love of running a few years ago, after a 15-year hiatus.  In 2012, she ran a race on a whim and accidentally won.

She hasn’t stopped running, or winning races, since.  Last month, she was the top female finisher for the half marathon at the Lake Chabot Trail Run.

Read on for our interview, and stay tuned for more inspirational stories from people like Tiffany.

Trail Runner Tiffany Verbica

Superfeet: Can you tell us a little more about why you call yourself a renaissance runner?

Tiffany: Renaissance means "rebirth" so I've had a sort of rebirth with running after a 15 year break from it. I am surprised and thrilled that I happened to get back into it later in life, and that I'm performing as well as I am with runners of ALL Ages.

Why did you stop running and what made you pick it back up?

I got into more cardio and low-impact exercise at the gym. I never lost my love for running. I had slight knee pain when I stopped running and so I wanted to try for lower-impact activities. Since I started running again in 2012, I have had no knee pain, or any pain for that matter. I credit that to trail running (much softer than the road), my gym routine which keeps my body strong, and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Tiffany Verbica Run StretchWhy trail running?

I’m passionate about trail running – it’s scenic, the terrain is varied, and I love the hills and intense elevation. It’s given me a chance to travel and see beautiful parts of California, meet new people, and spend time with my husband, also a runner. 

How did Superfeet come into your life?

When I started running competitively in 2012, I was looking for something that would allow me to run a little longer and harder. A local sports store introduced me to Superfeet. I immediately noticed the difference, and I was quick to put a pair of these insoles in all of my sports shoes, into which they fit seamlessly.  Not only do they prolong the life of my shoes, but I’m running longer and harder with much less impact on my body. My race results continue to improve from year-to-year, and I have placed in every race since I’ve been using them.

I’m also a tennis player, so you can imagine my excitement to have a product that minimizes the effect of playing on hard courts!

What keeps you going?

So much keeps me going!  Every time I'm out there on the trail, especially in the last five miles, I'm reminded why I keep doing it.  It's fun to put all of the training leading up to a race into action and to see just how far you can push yourself.  Also, trail running in the California Bay Area is stunning. The views are amazing and I'm discovering some of the most beautiful parts of the world that I would not have otherwise seen. Other things that keep me going: my husband, who also runs with me on these races and is a huge supporter; all of the amazing people I meet before and after the races, and the new friends I make; the overall health and fitness that I have achieved by competing. And, knowing that I have the support of such great sponsors keeps me going!

Any last thoughts?

I love turning people on to Superfeet; no one should have to run or play without them!

We’re smitten – and so pleased to have played a role in Tiffany’s renaissance. 

Thanks, Tiffany!

For more about Tiffany, visit her website,

March 29, 2015