100% Employee Owned

As a 100% employee owned company each of us contributes our best and we all benefit from what we build. We believe generosity and understanding should come alongside quality, productivity and responsibility. From reception to sales, product development to shipping, our spirit runs strong at Superfeet. Together we are more than a company we are a community.

Meet the Owners

Living Our Values

Our values are the foundation we built our company on. They unite us and inform our decisions. At Superfeet, these truths help keep our work in perspective:

Support Beyond the Insoles

We are realists — we know we can’t solve the world’s problems with a pair of insoles. We also know if we share our success and our passion we can make a difference. For this reason, we donate our time and money to building strong foundations in our local community and around the world.

Adventure with SF

We believe in the products we make because we know firsthand how they help overcome foot and body pain, transform activity performance, aid in recovery and injury prevention and make daily life just a little more comfortable. When we aren’t in the office we are out in the world putting our products to the test, just like you.  We are triathletes, skiers, hockey players, mountain guides, runners, dancers, cyclists, hikers, soccer players, parents, grandparents and so much more.

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