We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world by providing people the tools for a strong foundation. When we aren’t making insoles and footwear that literally provide a strong foundation to stand on, we volunteer our time and money to provide people in need access to education, basic needs, activities and a healthy environment – four foundational ingredients to a healthy future.

Collectively we call this work “Be the Awesome.”

Our Partners in Awesome

This year we partnered with 34 organizations working to build strong foundations and helping make an impact in 35 states.

Activity Spotlight

Boys and Girls Club Metro Denver, Gates Camp

Each summer, the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver goes to Gates Camp for many of the kids’ first visit to the mountains. This year, the Gates Camp needs to install a new deep well to ensure continued access to safe drinking water for years of camps to come. Superfeet has a longtime friend and supporter of the Boys and Girls Club. To help make this well happen, we’ve pledged $10,000 and hope that you’ll help us reach our $60,000 fundraising goal!


Basic Needs Spotlight

Medical Teams International (MTI)

This year, the Superfeet + MTI team traveled to the Cumbre Del Amay region of Guatemala, where 50 families live at around 6,000 feet elevation, approximately 25 miles from the nearest town. Access to clean drinking water in this region is extremely limited — residents often walk for two hours to collect water each day. While there, the team helped construct rainwater collection systems to improve immediate access to healthy, uncontaminated water

Environmental Spotlight

Conservation Alliance

Through our membership in the Conservation
Alliance this year, Superfeet helped protect
157,034 acres of land and 112 river miles,
acquire one climbing area; remove one dam and
prevent the sale of 82,500 acres of public land.

Closer to home on the Nooksack River, we
rolled up our sleeves with the Whatcom Land
Trust to clear invasive species so native plants
could thrive, creating a healtheir river habitat for
salmon runs.

Education Spotlight

Whatcom Literacy Council

As part of our focus on contributing to the
community in which we live and work, we are
proud to support Whatcom Literacy Council in
their mission to increase literary skills for
adults in Whacom County, WA. The WLC
helps people improve their parenting skills, increase
employment opportunitities, further education
and enhance the stability of their daily lives. 

Faces of Awesome

From organizing volunteer days, to managing donation requests, to building relationships in the community, we know big and small our actions have the power to change the world around us. Meet some of the employee-owners going above and beyond to build strong foundations.