Adventure with SF: Meet Chris

Adventure with SF: Meet Chris

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We spend our days making products that help people run, jump, hike, ski, dance, climb, work, play and live life to its fullest. But when we aren't at the office, we're out in the world adventuring with Superfeet products, just like you. In this series, meet some of our employee-owners, read their stories and follow along as they #adventurewithsf in the Superfeet Sprinter Van. 

Meet Chris


Superfeet Job Title:

Facility Manager

What that means (in Chris's words):

I fix stuff! I'm into helping our teams be successful in their day to day operations. When it comes to machinery, projects or operations management I like to get involved.

Chris's favorite Superfeet product:


What's one thing you never leave home without?

My pocket knife. Always need it on the ready for what I'm doing.

What's one thing on your bucket list?

I'd like to go on an Alaskan sheep hunt.

About Chris's Adventure



Where did you adventure to in the Superfeet Sprinter Van?

I ventured with the Sprinter into the Entiat & Mead areas of Washington. We went out to open BLM land in these regions chasing the Merriam Turkeys. My hunting partner and have been hunting these regions for many years.

What was the best part of your adventure?

We were able to call in several turkey groups, from lone Toms to groups of hens and jakes. The birds were out and active.

Tell us something else fun/exhilarating/different/thrilling about your adventure:

We didn't see much in Entiat the first day, so we went off to Mead. When we got to Mead we set up on a hillside facing down into a canyon. We set out our decoys and placed ourselves behind two different trees. My job was to talk to the Tom(s) with my hen call, alerting them to my whereabouts.

My buddy had the Tom call (normal gobble call,) and he was able to find a challenging Tom to come up from the canyon to us. We saw him a mile out call back across the canyon. Twenty minutes later we saw him running up the hill to our set, periodically stopping to call.

When he came into our set we were greeted by him vibrating (a low pitch HUMM and VIBRATE sound) and strutting. One of the coolest sounds as he puffed up showing our decoys how tough he was. As he came over to our Tom decoy to challenge "him," I was able to have a clean shot at him.

These birds have such a keen sense of sight and hearing and often we miss opportunities rather than capitalize on them. I was so very thankful for him. What beautiful country to hunt in and what an adventure to be a part of.



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September 5, 2018