Healthy Halloween Treats and Candy Alternatives for Halloween

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Healthy Halloween Treats and Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Written By: Charmaine Jones, MS, RDN, LDN — Superfeet Wellness Panel Member. Charmaine Jones is the founder and owner of Food Jonezi, a website and nutrition counseling service dedicated to ensuring all individuals have access to proper food and nutrition education to achieve optimal health.

It's that scary time of the year when people dress up as their favorite characters, have haunted house parties and pass out sugary candies or mini chocolate bars to trick or treaters.  Halloween is the day that most children (and adults) dive full speed into their favorite sugary treats.  Between parties and trick-or-treating the average person consumes about three cups of sugar on Halloween. 

Don't throw away all your hard work of becoming a smart eater just because it's Halloween.  How can you overcome the temptation of traditional Halloween treats without excessively consuming too many sugary sweets and beverages? 


Check out this round-up of healthy and delicious treats that can be enjoyed as easy candy alternatives for Halloween. Enjoy! 

Halloween Treat: Candy Corn
Healthier Alternative: Popcorn or a Simple Halloween Fruit Tray

Healthy Halloween Alternatives 1

Halloween Treat: Brownies
Healthier Alternative: Dark Chocolate Banana Pops

Halloween Treat: Chocolate Candy Bars
Healthier Alternative: Dark Chocolate and Coconut Granola Clusters


Halloween Treat: Chips
Healthier Alternative: Crunchy Kale Chips

Healthy Halloween Treats 2

Halloween Treat: Monster Cookies
Healthier Alternative: Whole Grain Baked Crackers

Halloween Treat: Candy Apples
Healthier Alternative: Apple Slices Dipped in Almond Butter, Topped with Pecans

Halloween Treat: Ghost Gummies
Healthier Alternative: Sugar-Free Twizzlers

Halloween Treat: Alcoholic Beverages
Healthier Alternative: Sparkling Water with Lemon or Lime

Halloween Treat: Fried Wings with Ranch Dressing
Healthier Alternative: Deviled Eggs

Healthy Halloween Treats 3

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October 27, 2019