ME3D Aftersport

ME3D Aftersport
  • ME3D Aftersport
  • ME3D Aftersport
  • ME3D Aftersport
  • ME3D Aftersport

ME3D Aftersport

    Features (7)

    Personalized Support

    custom arch profile and placement, matched to the curve of each foot for support as individual as you are.

    Custom-Blended Syncro™ Recovery Foam

    calibrated density adapts and responds to the unique way you move, for one-of-a-kind comfort and support

    Energizing Stabilizer System (ESS®)

    fully-integrated, 3D-printed heel cradle delivers the structure your feet crave to re-energize your recovery.

    Textured Anti-Slip Footbed

    encourages airflow and maximizes breathability.

    Rounded No-Rub Upper

    feels smooth against bare skin.

    Made in the USA

    created, designed and manufactured in the United States


    Visit your nearest FitStation retailer to discover your unique foot and gait profile, then choose to create your custom recovery slides


    Using advanced technology from Fitstation by HP, your Superfeet® ME3D™ Aftersport™ sandals are constructed using your individual biometric data, with geometry matched to the size and shape of each foot and recovery foam custom-blended based on your weight and dynamic pressure pattern. One up your recovery game so you can make it to race day feeling rejuvenated and ready to perform at your best. Everything you love about Superfeet support, custom-created to your size and shape. Recovery made smarter because it’s made just for you .