December 28, 2017

Our Favorite Moments of 2017

To say that 2017 has been a whirlwind would be a major understatement.

Here at Superfeet, we celebrated our 40th birthday. We launched a line of footwear, built from the inside out. We introduced 3D-printed insoles, made for the way you move. Most recently, we unveiled truly individualized footwear, available in Spring 2018.


But, before we go racing off to next year, let's pause a moment to reflect back on 2017.

We asked some of our Superfeet employee-owners to share their favorite moments of this past year. Read on for what they had to say.

Ryan Anderson, Product Development Engineer:

Fav Moments 2017 1

The Superfeet marketing department gathered at the City of Ferndale’s Solar Eclipse event on Monday August 21. It was an incredible experience to gather with close to 500 other people and share in this natural phenomenon. This event reminded me of the following truths: science is cool, people of all different backgrounds can peacefully share this planet with each other, and that our small corner of the Pacific Northwest is a only a speck compared to the enormity of our solar system and the infinity of the universe beyond.

Colin Tobin, Sales Coordinator:

Fav Moments 2017 2

Mexico FTW! I recently took a trip to Baja Sur and caught this Dorado off of a paddleboard. It was pretty wild staying balanced being towed around while keeping tension on the line tiring the fish out. I broke my paddle in the process which made it really tricky getting back to shore but created quite the story to tell my fishing buddies for years to come. Fresh ceviche for days.

Mallorie Estenson, Social Media Support Specialist:

Fav Moments 2017 4

In 2017, I got to summit Mount Baker five times, mostly while guiding for Mountain Madness and two times on personal trips. One of the fastest and most memorable guided summits was when I got up the Coleman Deming route with an all-women’s rope team. On one of my personal trips, I got to lead alpine ice on the North Ridge of Mount Baker, which had previously been a pretty big life goal of mine. Can’t wait to climb in 2018!

Mike Houser, Vice President US Sales:

Fav Moments 2017

My favorite part of the year was getting together with the Superfeet US Sales Management team at our new Boulder, CO tech center office – we had a great time looking back on successes and challenges of 2017 and putting the finishing touches on our Sales Strategic Plan for 2018. It’s great to be able to work with people I like and respect to build a plan we are confident in and then work that plan all year.

Linda Balfour, Marketing Director:

Fav Moments 2017 3

I took my parents on their first international adventure, to South Africa. My parents spent their entire lives making sure my brother and I had rich life experiences. It was wonderful to share one of my favorite things, travel, with them this year.

Hope Serrell, Sales Representative:

My favorite moment was getting the call this spring to let me know I was going to Guatemala with Superfeet! (Read a recap of our annual Superfeet trip to Guatemala here.)

Christian Kraski, Industrial Designer:

One of my favorite moments of 2017 was hiking Park Butte, just south of Mt. Baker. The weather was perfect, Charlie (my dog) kept up the whole time, and the views were breath taking. The whole weekend was amazing.

Thank you for taking Superfeet with you on your 2017 adventures. Cheers to many more favorite moments to come in 2018!