Billions of feet out there

If we’re going to help as many feet as we can, we need smart, team-minded people who can get things done.

We remain true to the original mission of Superfeet – to create affordable orthotics for the general public – while weaving our vision, purpose and core values into every decision we make. Superfeet is not a ‘normal’ company. We are an unusual, exceptional company, and our plan is to continue on the same trajectory! Our corporate culture, built on the foundation of our Mission Statement and core values, has evolved to become an established part of our identity. We expect that if you join us, you will embrace our culture and help the rest of the employee-owners of Superfeet continue to build an extraordinary company.

Our Culture

We have seen over time that our unique culture helps build trust between our team members, retail partners and vendors, and has given us an overall competitive advantage in the marketplace. Part of our culture is to work at understanding and accepting the uniqueness of each individual and his/her special gifts. We expect that all new team members use their own gifts within the context of Superfeet’s culture to contribute in reaching team goals. In other words, our expectations are that you fully join our team with a ‘ready to help’ mentality. If you cannot, then we won’t have a proper fit. One of the most important elements of our success is ‘getting the right people on the bus’. If we do not, then employment here will not work out for you or the company.