Ambassador Badge
I am a Seattle native with a strong bond to the Pacific Northwest. At a young age, I discovered my love for hiking in the lush mossy forests, jumping over logs and trying to identify all the native plants and mushrooms. The rain has never bothered me here and I make sure I have fun outside in all seasons. During the winters I am on the mountain skiing to my heart’s content. As the days get longer I start up my weekly running routine again and enjoy the fresh air of trail running. The summer is my favorite time for backpacking and camping, nothing quite like swimming in a freezing glacial lake on an 80-degree day. The fall time is a precious time of going inward and I enjoy long walks in the rain, rustling the leaves and hiking in the damp woods. I have a deep connection to nature and find solace in playing outside. Through photography I have been able to tap into my creative side while documenting all the beauty I see in nature. My goal is to share this beauty and connection with others in the hope that they too will experience their own appreciation for our amazing planet.