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One day, about 10 years ago, I found myself dissatisfied, overweight, underslept, anxious, and horribly out of shape. The typical lifestyle of a young, road-weary musician had caught up with me. Too much partying, little to no sleep, inactivity, and a cigarette and alcohol habit that would have been at home on the set of Mad Men had left me high and dry. Having dabbled in “jogging” on and off through college, I decided to go for a mile run. That ended up being the day that would transform the rest of my life. Within months I ran a local 5k, then a half marathon, then a full. By 2012 I had taken up trail running and signed up for a mountain trail 50k in Chattanooga. Over 20 ultramarathons (including three successful one hundred mile races) later, I can look back to that one day and feel a tremendous lump of gratitude. When i’m not in the studio or on tour backing up Kelly Clarkson, you’ll find me training on my sweet hometown trails. You can follow my adventures in running and on the road below!