Here's how to enter

  1. Create an account or log in to your existing account 
  2. Shop for a Superfeet product, size and click 'Add to Wish List'
  3. From the Wish List tab from your Account, click 'Share Wish List'
  4. Send your Wish List to with a note 'Win my wish list' to be eligible to win

That's it. You've been entered to win the contest. Already have a Superfeet wish list? You've got a head start. Just share your wish list for your chance to win.


Five (5) Prize Winners will receive up to $200 worth of Superfeet product from their wish list.

Odds of winning the Win Your Wish List contest depend on the number of eligible entries received. To determine the odds of winning a sweepstakes prize, divide the total number of sweepstakes entries by the number of entries you've submitted and by the number of prizes being awarded. So the formula looks like this:

Total Entries / Your Entries / Total Number of Prizes

Example: if you enter one time into a contest with two prizes, and 999 other people enter, too, your odds would be 1,000/1/2, which equals 1 in 500.


FOR U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY. Contest ends on Wed, Dec. 21, 2014 at 11:59pm (PST). All wish lists must be shared by this time to be entered into the contest. One (1) entry per account. Superfeet Custom products are excluded from the 2016 Win Your Wish List Contest. If your Wish List total greater than the $200 prize limit, Superfeet will award the combination of the fewest number of products that comes closest to without exceeding the dollar amount of the prize limit. 

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