4 Tips For Fitting Exercise into a Hectic Schedule

4 Tips For Fitting Exercise

Between juggling workplace demands, household chores and appointments our lives get busy. Adding kiddos, furry friends and the needs of a family to the mix can make reaching the end of your to do list tough.

If there is anyone who knows what it is like to be stuck in a whirlwind of activity, it’s Smitha Arons. We wanted to know how this full time attorney, mother of two, marathon runner and blogger fits it all in.

“Family always comes first for me.” Says Smitha “I cut back on anything that interferes as long as I have my family as my anchor, I can pick and choose with anything else.”

Smitha finds time by lacing up early on the weekends, fitting in lunchtime runs with co-workers and sometimes bringing her kids along for the fun. Below are the top four ways Smitha finds time to run while keeping up with her busy schedule.

Runch = Running On Your Lunch

When I am training for a marathon, it is hard to fit in the long mid-week runs. I work full-time, so I use my lunch breaks as a run break. I’ve enlist my co-workers and friends to keep me company during the sweaty miles. It’s a great opportunity for us to get out of the office for fresh air and it gives us a mid-day boost of energy.


Family and close friends can be a great support system. My husband and I take turns on the weekends. Saturday mornings are for my long runs and Sunday mornings are for his long rides. We are both able to fit in activity and get a little one-on-one time with the kids. We follow our morning with family time for the rest of the day.

Early to Rise

I wake up super early—my alarm is usually set for 4:30 a.m. or earlier. I like to start before it gets hot, as well as get home before my kids have been awake too long. Some days it can be tough but sticking to a schedule has helped my body adjust to these early morning wake up calls.

Family Field Trips

I am starting to get my 8-year-old son involved in races. He did a 2-miler earlier this year and loved it. He can't wait to go back. My 5-year-old has speed, but we’re working on her stamina. She can run a mean 10 yards! I love showing my kids that fitness isn't an option. It is a routine part of our week. The kids know that if I am not home yet or if I had to rush off in the morning, it’s because Mommy is off running and being healthy!

Smitha began running in 2011 after her daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. She wasn’t trying to run away, but to run towards sanity, peace of mind and solutions. “Running has brought me so much joy. I love being able to set an example and show my kids that being healthy is a lifestyle choice,” says Smitha.

To learn more about Smitha’s journey, visit her blog, RunningWithSDMom.com or follow along on Instagram @runningwithsd

August 2, 2015