Finally, the Superfeet Shape in a Sandal

Finally, the Superfeet Shape in a Sandal

The weather is warming up, days are getting longer and it's nearly time to stow our winter gear for next season.

These are the days we start thinking about traveling, roaming, and wandering. If you’re like us, shoes become optional as the temperature rises.

Thing is we’re all pretty fanatical about movin’ and groovin’ on Superfeet. We want the shape we love, just without so much shoe.

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The Superfeet product team jumped in – with both feet – and worked with some pretty exceptional designers to develop a sandal that feels as good as it looks.

It would be easy to stop with the simple elegance of the design, but the science behind the manufacture, the precision of the shape and quality of the sandal are testament to the product team’s craft.

The challenge was to create a comfortable, cushioning foam layer that could maintain the integrity of the Superfeet shape. The breakthrough came with the resilient foam midlayer.

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To do so, the team developed a new manufacturing process that allows the comfort and structure layers to behave as a single piece. It’s the kind of new manufacturing technique that gets us spun up and chatty, and why folks often avoid us at social events.

Finally, the Superfeet shape no longer confined to a shoe.

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Introducing the Superfeet OUTSIDE. The name says it all. We brought the comfort and support of a Superfeet insole outside the footwear.

We hope you’re ready for excellent summer in Superfeet. Now you can leave your shoes behind.

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March 13, 2016