Step Out of the Ordinary on Father's Day

Step Out of the Ordinary on Father's Day

Father's Day is all about showing our gratitude to the father figure in our lives. Be it a mentor, grandfather, stepfather, partner, friend, and everyone in-between, we're always excited to show our appreciation to that well deserving someone.

This year, we're taking a step in a different direction to show our thanks by creating memories.

For Father's Day, we're stepping out of the ordinary and into an experience. No matter your location, it's an opportunity to get outside and make this a day to remember.

Here are a few ideas for hanging out with dad this year:

Start the day with a full belly

Typically a Mother's Day brunchy kind of deal, but dads like a good breakfast, too. Perhaps Father's Day is the day to try the quirky diner, special breakfast at home, or a campfire delicacy

Explore the neighborhood

Whether you go by foot, bike or skateboard, exploring your neighborhood may be something you haven't done in years! Just cruising around, soaking up the sun's vitamin D and playing in the outdoors is a great way to connect over the latest neighborhood comings and goings.

Take it to the hills

Head to the hills for a Father's Day hike. Conquer a new mountain or enjoy an old favorite, and don't forget to stop and take a photo at the top.

Father's Day float

Pack the sunscreen and a towel for a day in the sun. Fishing, paddling and grilling are part of many dads' DNA. It's great way to enjoy the great outdoors and family and leave the internet-connected devices on the shore.

Connect with others – share your time

Not everyone has a father figure in their life. There are national, regional and local organizations looking for volunteers to give their time to help children access to the mentorship they deserve and need.

For all the fathers and mentors out there, cheers to you!

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June 12, 2019