Summertime Fun: Healthy Feet for the Whole Family

Summertime Fun

We love this time of the year. It’s not just us. These sunny days and warmer nights draw people young and old to the outdoors. Folks are able to enjoy the fresh air later into the evening. Parks and trails start to see more love.

We’re happy to see people getting outside and back on their feet: walking, riding, running, playing or hiking. 

But if you’re too eager to get outside after a long winter hibernating indoors, you might discover some new aches and pains. Start slow and start smart and you might avoid some of the common discomforts of the over-enthusiastic and out-of-shape.

Here are a few foot-friendly tips for every age:


One thing’s for sure: kids rarely sit still. Especially as the days get warmer and longer. Typically, if they’re not asleep, then they’re on the move. Running, jumping, climbing, rolling, spinning – just moving. All. The. Time. Outside, inside; from here to there, it doesn’t matter where. All that moving puts a lot of wear and tear on those shoes. Parents agree, Superfeet can help kids stay active and can even add a couple dozen miles to the life of the shoe.

Properly fitting shoes offer a more stable environment for kids’ feet. The added stability can help with proprioception – their sense of their bodies in space, so when they’re flying around, they can feel confident when giving it all they’ve got. Superfeet BLUE and GREEN insoles are available in sizes 13.5 – 4.  Learn more about junior sizing here.

Tweens, Teens and Adults

Tweens and teens have earned a reputation for sleeping in, watching too much TV and playing video games. Adults run the risk of sitting too much and not spending enough time on their feet.

We’ve heard from a number of people: don’t be fooled by the research. They’re still an active bunch. They’re runners and hikers. They’re happy. They’re even dancing.

Superfeet BLUE, BLACK, COPPER, CARBON and GREEN insoles fit into a wide range of footwear, including cleats, basketball shoes and running sneakers.

Wondering which is right for your next adventure? Check out our activity page to find the perfect insole for the right shoe.


For some of the seniors we know, there’s no slowing down. We often hear they’re busier in retirement than ever before. These folks have places to go and people to see, like keeping up with grandkids and smothering their grown, capable adult children with advice. Statistically, staying active is key to staying healthy. Superfeet can help. Every pair has a contoured shape that helps improve stability by putting more surface area in contact with bottom of the foot. This increased contact and stability can help people of any age.

If you’re looking for a little more comfort, Superfeet COPPER insoles feature memory foam for that ‘walking-on-a-cloud’ feeling. If you’re on the go and want to avoid those common foot aches and pains, like pain from plantar fasciitis or other common foot pains, try Superfeet GREEN, BLUE or BLACK insoles.

If you want some help finding the right Superfeet, visit our website to find a store near you.

You ready for the warm weather fun? You know we are. We look forward to seeing you - and your family - outside.

June 9, 2015