Giving in Action: Superfeet X Whatcom Land Trust

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Giving in Action: Superfeet X Whatcom Land Trust

Last Friday a group of Superfeeters carpooled out to the edge of the Mt. Baker National Forest to do land stewardship work with Whatcom Land Trust. 
Whatcom Land Trust 2

 Whatcom Land Trust

During the half-day work party, the team planted 3,575 native wetland plants to help mitigate the growth of invasive reed canary grass.  This project took place at Whatcom Land Trust's Harrison property, which runs along Kendall Creek behind Kendall Elementary School in Kendall, Wash., about 30 miles east of Superfeet headquarters.  When the restoration is complete a viewing platform will  be installed for elementary students to explore and learn. 

 Whatcom Land Trust 3

 Whatcom Land Trust 4

Whatcom Land Trust 5 

Whatcom Land Trust 6

Whatcom Land Trust 7

It was a rewarding day of hard work and we look forward to more stewardship projects this year with the Whatcom Land Trust!

Whatcom Land Trust 7

To read more about how your purchase helps support conservation projects like this one, and other ways we give back, visit our Superfeet Giving page.  

March 25, 2019