Superfeet Squad Stories: Meet Runner Michelle Chang

Superfeet Squad Stories: Meet Runner Michelle Chang



Where are you from?
Cupertino, California! The heart of Silicon Valley and home of Apple (but most importantly, the Chang clan).

When were you born?
New Year's Eve, 1982.

What got you into running?
P.E. class and boys. I was always restless behind the school desk so looked forward to running freely and wildly during P.E. class since the elementary school days. I always enjoyed taking those Presidential Fitness tests - you know, shuttle run, sit and reach, etc. I did pretty well at those. And of course, I liked boys, and what better way to learn how to sprint than to chase after the cutest ones?

Michelle Chang 3

Who is your biggest influence?
My younger sister. She's always been a smart cookie, and though she often says she has looked up to me, little does she know that I look up to her for tons of advice. She almost acts like MY older sister. Christine and I used to fight all the time but as we're getting older, we've confided in each other on a range of topics - from career, school, dating, latest recipes, training plans for a 10K to what to wear to a party. She's sharp, stubborn, and sometimes quite severe. But in her own way, she is loving, encouraging, and proud of me, and that helps me be a better person. She's my best friend and if I hadn't grown up with her, I'd be a much different person. So thanks, Ma and Pa!

What is your biggest accomplishment?
This is a tough one. It'd be a three-way tie between trekking between Mt. Everest Base Camp and Camp 1; seeing my parents over the moon in jubilation at my wedding last year; and encouraging my dad to train for a half marathon and watch him PR.

Michelle Chang 2

How did you hear about Superfeet?
Back in 2006 after my first marathon (Big Sur International - breathtaking but tough!), I strained my IT band and was in PT for four months. My physical therapist introduced me to Superfeet and since then, I can't live without them!

Which Superfeet do you use?

How do Superfeet help your performance?
Running 60 miles a week takes a toll on my body - especially my feet! For me, I know that the pounding and the hard training will wear me out, and I don't know about others, but I'm running for the long term - hopefully well into my more senior years. So, I need to do what I can to take care of my body.

With flat feet and a history of plantar fasciitis, Superfeet protects my feet, provides the right amount of cushion, and gives me confidence to work those legs with some quick turnover. Whether it's on a regular workout of track intervals or a long run, or a half marathon race, I can't leave home without a healthy pair of Superfeet. They make me want to fly!

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Do you wear Superfeet in your street shoes?
You bet! I slip them into my pair of Chucks and even wear Superfeet BLACK in some of my dress shoes for work. Brilliant!

What are you plans for the future?
Keep running with love, gratitude, commitment, enjoyment, and speed if I can keep at that. I love my job where I get to work in developing communities and find ways to apply technology tools to help citizens and government work better together. Travel, food, and photography are passions of mine so I hope to get to "taste" more of the world with my passport, taste buds, and camera. Last but not least, family and friends keep me grounded, inspired, and happy - especially my parents, sister, and husband. Can't wait to have more adventures with all of them!

January 6, 2014