Super Squad Stories: Meet Pro Skier Tommy Gogolen

Super Squad Stories: Meet Pro Skier Tommy Gogolen

Name: Tommy Gogolen

Sport: Professional Telemark Skiing

This week we were able to catch up with professional telemark skier, Tommy Gogolen. Superfeet is proud to sponsor Tommy with REDhot insoles for another ski season.

Where are you from?
I am from north New Jersey, not close to the Jersey Shore!! Just outside of NYC. My home mountain that I grew up skiing is Hidden Valley in NJ. Mountain is an understatement.... more like a hill but I wouldn’t change that. I love that place.

When we you born?
October 14, 1981

What got you into skiing?
My parents were big skiers and we would take family ski trips to Vermont and Maine.  I got involved in racing at a young age and loved the thrill of going fast.

Who is your biggest influence?
Oh wow, that would be my mom!  My mom was that crazy mom that would always be doing something adventurous. She put the passion of sports in me and really was a big influence growing up.

Ski 1

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Last winter I was blessed with the opportunity to go represent the USA and compete in the Telemark World Championships! I had a goal of finishing in the top 25 and had the race of life and ended up with a 6th place finish. To be able to compete with the best in the world was something special. 

How did you hear about Superfeet?
I was introduced to Superfeet in college. I played three sports in college and my feet were taking an absolute beating. Our trainer recommended Superfeet and from that day on I never took a step without a Superfeet insole in my shoe or boot.

Which Superfeet do you use?
When I am competing I use the REDhot Insoles. 

How do Superfeet help your performance?
When I am ski racing I need my feet stable and reactive! My REDhot insoles keep my feet from collapsing and provide a stable platform to maintain that edge angle on my skis. Without the insole in my boot my foot is flat and has to work harder to get the ski on edge. Also, the insole has a Thermo Foil layer that keeps my foot warm from the snow.

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Do you wear Superfeet off the slopes?
Yes! Of course! I have Superfeet in every pair of shoes I own! That is how much of a believer I am.  All my shoes have Superfeet insoles in them and provide that stable support I need in every day life. 

What are you plans for the future?
I plan on maintaining a spot on the USA Telemark Team and competing until my body tells me otherwise. In 2015 the Telemark World Championships come to the US, which is for sure going to be a special time in my career. 

To learn more about Tommy or follow him, check out his website:

November 7, 2013