Superfeet Gets Supercharged

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Superfeet Gets Supercharged

Since 1977 our mission at Superfeet has been to help as many people as possible by making life-changing products and building a culture where people come first. Today, we are taking the next step in our mission of being the life-changing shape under every foot. We are thrilled to announce we have agreed to a partnership with a private equity firm, Westward Partners. Together, we plan to grow and get Superfeet to more people who need them.

Superfeet is here to stay – our commitment to being the best insole available is stronger than ever. With the Westward investment, we will be structured to focus more resources on innovation projects, product development and brand building, meaning the Superfeet you know and love will only continue to improve.

Inside the walls of Superfeet, our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) was just one of the ways we brought our people-first ethos to life. Established in 2005, the goal of our ESOP was to ensure our employee-owners would have a secure future based on the success Superfeet achieved. We furthered that commitment by taking our company from a partial ESOP to 100% employee-owned in 2015.

Today, the goal of the ESOP is realized.


This news is certainly something to celebrate for our employees. Our team is excited about the future and our partnership with Westward.

Amie Helm

Superfeet employee Amie Helm Superfeet employee Amie Helm

Years at Superfeet: 16
Job Title: West Key Account Manager

“When I first learned about the ESOP buy-out, I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride. There are so many people in this company who have poured with hearts and souls into what we do. Today our hard work, loyalty, and determination pay off. I am 100% invested in Superfeet and am confident that the investment from Westward will help us reach our future goals.”    

Colin Andrews

Superfeet employee Colin Andrews Superfeet employee Colin Andrews

Years at Superfeet: 10.5
Job Title: Lifestyle Channel Sales Manager

“When I first heard about the acquisition, I just about fell off my “%#@$ing” chair, I couldn’t get the Cheshire Cat grin off my face! I love working for Superfeet, what we stand for, strive for and our vision for the future. Not only does this not change that, but it also gets me even more fired up for what is next! Buckle Up Superfeet! We have only scratched the surface of our potential.”  

Sheila Perkins

Superfeet Employee Sheila Perkins Superfeet Employee Sheila Perkins

Years at Superfeet: 14
Title: Sales Rep — Medical

“I was proud of Superfeet when we started our ESOP in 2005 and even prouder when we went 100% employee-owned in 2015. Today, I don’t have words to describe what this means to me. I could not be happier about the sale or the timing. Superfeet is like a family to me, it feels good to know that my co-workers are being taken care of.”

Thom Abrams

Superfeet employee Thom Abrams Superfeet employee Thom Abrams

Years at Superfeet: 32
Title: National Sales Training Manager

“In my many years at Superfeet it has been a privilege to be part of both our legacy and future. I have a lifetime of memories (too many to count), but none more exciting than this life changing moment. I am beyond grateful to all of those who have been a part of building our legacy brand.”   

Tony Feeney

Superfeet employee Tony Feeney Superfeet employee Tony Feeney

Years at Superfeet: 16
Title: Key Account Manager

"I have been working towards this moment since our ESOP began in 2005, and once it finally happened it didn’t seem real. It made me proud to be a part of Superfeet. All those late-night clinics, long hours on the road, tradeshows and account visits were all worth it.   My hope is that this sale allows all of us to take Superfeet to the next level and to truly spread our message of changing the lives of all the people we touch."

Superfeet is getting supercharged! A stronger Superfeet means a stronger brand for you. We are excited for this next chapter and know that our company, team and products will only continue to get better. 


Team Superfeet

June 16, 2021
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