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Help your patients get more out of every step, not just during the time they spend with you, but in the moments that matter most with a comprehensive set of solutions, from assessment technology to custom and OTC orthotics. 

Elevate your practice with Superfeet Rx

Select from a range of solutions to meet your practice needs.

Advanced gait analysis and 3D scan technology 

Assessment and treatment tracking software 

Truly custom 3D printed

Premium over-the-counter

Data driven and patient centric

With the Materialise Kinetic Suite, Superfeet Rx offers a 100% digital workflow, improving a patient’s orthotic program efficiency. With 2D and 3D scans*, Footscan AI, and 3D printing it is the ultimate tool for healthcare practitioners who want to enhance their orthotic therapy program. SCAN, ANALYZE, DESIGN, PRINT — the process from assessment to  solution is simple.

Get the best and give the best with 3D printed custom orthotic solutions.

Use advanced technology, including 2D and 3D scans*, Footscan AI, and 3D printing, to create the most advanced custom orthotics available today.

Increased accuracy
Improved turnaround 
Improved patient outcomes
Increased customization
Better patient experience

Provide Immediate Relief

A wide range of Superfeet over-the-counter orthotic devices ensure you can provide immediate affordable solutions for every patient. Easily dispense Superfeet at your practice, activate our affiliate program, or refer to one of our highly-trained retail partners, committed to giving your patients the very best experience.

Elevate Your Practice with Superfeet Rx & help your patients get more out of every step.