Since 1977, Superfeet has helped people accomplish some pretty amazing things by changing the way their shoes fit, feel and perform. All our biomechanically correct products are based on the principles of podiatric medicine and can help a wide range of foot health related issues.

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Superfeet founders Dennis and Chris designed the first pair of Superfeet based on the principles of podiatric medicine. The distinct shape was crafted to work in harmony with the foot in motion. For over 35 years, we’ve stayed true to making the best insoles on the planet. And we’re just getting started.



4000 feet later and with fiery quads but feet feeling just dandy all the way back down.

Travis Taylor

Being on my feet all day I developed planter fasciitis & was in process of making Doctor appt cause pain was awful but bought a pair of green super feet insoles ,first day really thought I'd wasted my money but in 4 days pain was gone & been a year and pain hasn't came back


I've been playing hockey my whole life and competitively up through college. My feet were In serious pain from many years of trying to cram your foot into the smallest skate possible. My arch pain was so bad in-between periods I was in tears. I tried other products and ended up with nerve damage. I was about to hang up my skates and then I tried the Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey. With the Superfeet insoles my feet felt at home no pain whatsoever. I can now continue the sport I love and more importantly be there with my son as he learns to love it too.


We love our Superfeet, being on our feet all day takes a toll on the whole body. Thanks to Superfeet we stay swift on our feet while serving the citizens.

Addie Green

Ive been running marathons and ultramarathons for the last 4 years, averaging about 70 miles a week.Over the last year,I have had chronic ankle issues.Luckily, the pain doesnt occur while running but day to day walking is excruciating and especially first thing in the morning.I am fortunate to have my ankle treated on a regular basis to keep me running,but a year of pain is draining.It was suggested to me to give super feet a try.At this point I would have tried anything.I have been pain free from the very moment I put them on.I have forgotten what its like to be out of pain.Thank you!


Thanks so much for turning me on to these terrific SUPERFEET insoles. Since we saw you at Christmas I have put over 25 miles on these bad boys and they have really helped my feet and back.


When I was fit for running shoes at Whitwater Running in Columbus Indiana they recommended these to go in my running shoes. I eventually got a new pair of running shoes and didn't switch the insole. That was a mistake! I developed a strained arch and heal issues. I put the insoles into the new shoes and it was all corrected quickly.


I wanted to write and give a testimonial about my recent purchase of a pair of inserts. I purchased a new pair of work shoes at Whistle Workwear in Silverdale, Wa, and after a recommendation from my wife (who has been using them for a long time) about a set of insoles, and then the cajoling from the salesman, I decided to try a pair. I had been having pain on the outside of my left foot, but as soon as I put the insoles in the new shoes (the pain did NOT go away with just the new shoes)and walked around, the pain disappeared immediately. Also I had been having a lot of pain in my hips, and because of my age (60 yrs old) I thought that I should just go ahead and start thinking about hip surgery. I want to say that my hip pain disappeared also, and now after two weeks wearing the new shoes and the insoles, I STILL have no hip pain, nor do I have any foot pain (while wearing the insoles). I have only high praise for the insoles and I tell everyone I can about your products.


I'm not a runner- or at least that's what I USED to say. Your product helped me out a lot... I'm 40 pounds lighter because of running! I have my life back... Today I bought my second pair of Superfeet Berry... I wouldn't run without them!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Hi! I love my Superfeet insoles! I work as a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant & I'm on my feet all day and in high heels.. I wouldn't survive without my Superfeet insoles that fit perfectly in my heels. I attend Fashion week twice a year and walk for hours attending shows and the insoles keep me feeling comfortable, and save my feet! I recommend your products to all my fellow fashionista's and clients.. Thank you for a wonderful product! Christie


Your insoles have changed my life! Several years ago when I started running often, I experienced shin splints. After finding the right shoes and getting superfeet insoles, I have never turned back! I am currently on day 652 of my running streak (as of 5/5/15! yep - have RUN at least 1 mile every single one of those days!) I have never had shin splints again! I'm honestly scared to run without these, who knows what could happen! ;) Really though, thanks again for an amazing product, and always fast, friendly and helpful customer service!

jennifer goldy

I had plantar fascitis for 6 months. Was looking online for things to help the pain. Came across superfeet reviews. I liked what I read and decided I needed to try them. Went and bought a pair and placed in my shoes. Within a few hours I noticed a difference. Within 2 days my pain was gone. I wear them all the time and I work in a mchine shop and my feet would also hurt after being on them all day. I noticed that not only was the plantar fascitis pain gone but also when I went home by feet no longer ached. It has been 3 months and I still LOVE THEM. Also my posture has improved.

Jean Swilley

I was suffering with plantar fasciitis and was referred to Gainesville Running & Walking store. The salesman knew exactly what I needed for dancing in high heels. These inserts have made it possible for me to continue dancing 2-3 times a week. I don't want to be without them. I transfer them when I change shoes. My heels are strappy, sandal-type shoes. I also have a pair of inserts for flats as I LOVE my flip flops and these inserts enable me to wear them. Thanks Superfeet! Dancing was not listed in your choices...


Started using Superfeet about 2 years ago and I can tell you it changed my life completely. Before using Superfeet I always experienced pain in the my lower back, hips and knees. After using Superfeet the pain was gone and I never experienced any of these problems again. I now use Superfeet for hiking, skiing, indoor soccer and in my everyday life. I'm also wondering why this product is not sold in regular shoe stores and only in sports specialized stores. I think this product has much more potential and can really help people worldwide to improve their lives.


As a runner for over 20 years superfeet has always provided me the support I needed miles after miles.