Since 1977, Superfeet has helped people accomplish some pretty amazing things by changing the way their shoes fit, feel and perform. All our biomechanically correct products are based on the principles of podiatric medicine and can help a wide range of foot health related issues.

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Superfeet founders Dennis and Chris designed the first pair of Superfeet based on the principles of podiatric medicine. The distinct shape was crafted to work in harmony with the foot in motion. For over 35 years, we’ve stayed true to making the best insoles on the planet. And we’re just getting started.



It's since some days now that I have superfeet insoles in my snowboard boots. My boots getting at the end of a winter season really soft, but with the superfeet COPPER, features a pressure-sensitive memory foam layer that molds to the contours of your foot, It feels like I ride new boots... Since 5 weeks I ride the black Superfeet insoes in my road & cx cycle shoes. And I can say I can put more power on my pedals, And I don't have numb toes anymore... I just can say get your hands on some superfeet insoles and your activity will change, will get a boost..


I inherited "flat feet" & always found walking more than 100 yards painful, even as a child. The doctor prescribed arch supports. They stopped the underneath of my feet from swelling but my feet still ached from walking. In my 40's I decided to buy a pair of proper hiking boots to help my feet & was advised in the store to also buy a pair of green Super-feet to go with them. It was like a miracle! I now find that I can go hiking all day & my feet don't hurt at the end of it. They have transformed my life. I now wear Super-feet all the time.

David Driscoll

Have been experiencing bad lower back pain for years now. Went to my chiropractors recently and he told me that I have high arches and this is why I have severe lower back pain. I searched google for high arch support and came up. I read other peoples stories and discovered that these might be my solution for my pain. I can say that I have had my Superfeet for 2 weeks now and had little to no pain daily. I am a sales person who is on his feet all day long. My hat goes off to this company. I thank you guys for giving me relief and comfort.


I just had my 68th birthday and I am still skiing. I've been skiing for at least 60 years and I skied competitively as a teenager. The comfort of ski boots has always been a problem. Last week I was fitted with Superfeet inserts for my boots. Wow! Not only are my boots immeasurably more comfortable, but they are also a lot warmer! With this product I certainly won't give up skiing due to boots.


Everyone else has written about how Superfeet work great. I'd like to mention how the folks at Superfeet stand by their product. Jolene in customer service was fantastic!


Just writing to tell you how happy I am with switching over to Superfeet insoles in all my footwear. I have been using Superfeet exclusively since your consultation. I and my health thank you. I have the stability that I've been looking for when doing heavy lifting during workouts and the foot position essential to technique and performance while cycling. And I've even dared to wear dress sandals a few times with no flare-ups of the plantar fasciitis.


Just wanted to let you know that I love my superfeet BLUE. I actually wore them in my new shoes yesterday for the Birthday Bash 5K. They've been great and I've definitely noticed a difference with friction which has helped me! Thanks!


Superfeet were originally recommended by my orthopedic doctor as an early treatment alternative to my ankle and plantar fasciitis issues because he explained to me that it would get me 80% towards a custom orthotic at a fraction of the cost. Now two years later I own Orange for running, Black for golfing and MerinoWhite in my casual shoes. In addition to my own experience, my responsibilities as an 8-year volunteer the Team in Training (sports endurance program) keeps me in contact with several other runners that have tried alternative offerings and later ended with Superfeet.


When I am ski racing I need my feet stable and reactive! My RedHot insoles keep my feet from collapsing and provide a stable platform to maintain that edge angle on my skis.


I work for Hudson Trail Outfitters and I was at the Superfeet fitting workshop you did at the Rockville store. I was given the Green Superfeet to try out and I have to say, they're awesome. Last year I hiked the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile hike across Spain, and unfortunately was incredibly naive when it came to feet.Now I'm excited to recommend Superfeet because I know from personal experience how feet can set the tone for the whole trip.


It's been a long time off my bicycle, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it anymore. I did a small 12 mile loop today with out the pain. Big thanks to Superfeet! The Copper are the best!


This is the boot our daughter used to wear because she twisted her ankle so badly on the playground she bruised the growth plate. After twisting the same ankle a second and third time, she stopped playing during recess because she was so sad and afraid of running and hurting her ankle again. We talked to a podiatrist who recommended Superfeet. These are our daughter's RUNNING shoes. She just completed her 2nd Girls on the Run 5K. THANK YOU SUPERFEET! She's running and laughing again. There's no stopping her now.


OMG why did I not do this sooner. Standing on rocks, plowing through rivers for 10 plus hours a day was a killer on my feet. I could barely walk after. Added Wide Greens to my wader boots. Most amazing thing I have ever added Superfeet to. Feet are all cozy, stable and the pain after fishing is totally gone, GONE!!!!!

Our Kids

Kids were a wreck after soccer practice and games, saying feet and legs were hurting super bad. I had Superfeet in all my shoes, never thought about the kids… After 1 game in the blue and greens, our kids were super pumped after the game saying Superfeet "SAVED THEIR FEETS' LIVES" it was funny, but true… absolutely no issues since, thank you superfeet.


I suffered from chronic ankle, knee, lower back pain and headaches after I would run. My husband told me to try Superfeet. Ever since I added the GREEN to my running shoes, from day one, all these issues were gone! AMAZING, thank you so much Superfeet. I can enjoy my runs like I used to.