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An elevated heel and biomechanical shape help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.fit profile yellow


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An elevated heel and biomechanical shape help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.fit profile yellow



The YELLOW shape and exact heel-to-toe profile match the angled midsole to help stabilize your foot and transfer torque and energy more efficiently. The result is a more comfortable fit with better alignment that can help you drive power through your skates, bike shoes or track spikes.

Superfeet YELLOW insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

Fit Profile

Low-profile insole with a shape that can fit most footwear with an elevated heel 1 inch or more.

Fits Best In

All types of footwear with an elevated heel including hockey skates, bike shoes and track spikes.


If you are not satisfied with your new Superfeet Insoles, return them with your receipt within 60 days to your place of purchase for a credit or refund.


Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of your footwear to your foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the structured heel cup and full-length foam provide fit, comfort and support.

  • 1.

    Heel Cup

    Features the most accommodating heel cup and can help stabilize and support the foot in the skate or shoe.

  • 2.

    Biomechanical Shape

    A low-profile shape helps to stabilize your foot and improve energy transfer between you and the skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.

  • 3.

    Venting system

    The vent holes line up with the perforations in most hockey skates and road cycling shoe outsoles for improved air circulation, breathability and drainage.

  • 4.

    Organic, Odor-Control Coating

    All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.


I've had the pleasure of wearing SF Yellows for over a year now and I've been nothing short of impressed. Currently, I wear the original Easton Makos (the ones with the ugly silver heels haha) and the SF Yellows make them feel like an extension of my body. This is the only insole that I've worn for ice hockey that provides comfort and the ability to lock in one's whole foot at the same time. Usually, based on my experience, you have sacrifice one feature for the other. That has not been the case with the Yellows. I don't see myself ever using a stock insole again. What is next in line for me is to try out the other SF insoles for everyday use. Something tells me that I won't be disappointed...

(Posted on 8/27/2015)


I have skated most of my life. My arches have always hurt when I skate. It didn't matter how much the skates cost, my feet always hurt. It was just a fact of life, or so I thought. I finally found these things through pure luck. In one word, they are 'transformational.' If you have arch pain in hockey skates, as many people do, a pair of these will change your game overnight.

(Posted on 3/31/2015)


you need to get used to these but once you do there is no going back imo. i'm wearing them in a graf 735 and absolutely love them. i have better edge control, feel the edges even more and am more stable on my skates. my right foot pronates a bit and my right outside edging has improved with these noticeably. i don't understand why they work - i've played with all types of insoles in these skates - and these are unbelievable. i tried them because i have knee issues and wanted to stabilize my knee. however, they actually improved my edge control. everybody's different but i would give these a shot.

(Posted on 12/2/2014)

Happy Gilmore

I am 43 and flat footed. These made a huge difference in the way my skates fit. Before you give up on your skates and buy new ones, buy a pair of these. It's hard to believe, but these insoles improved my skating significantly and make the skates more comfortable.

(Posted on 10/15/2014)


Cycling was painful until I got my Superfeet yellow insoles! Before, I'd come back from 1+ hour rides hobbled with foot cramps. My bike shop quickly identified that I have high arches, and suggested Superfeet insoles as a solution. What a difference it has made! I'm now pedalling for 2+ hours without any foot cramping. The venting in these insoles is also appreciated, as even on the hottest days I'm not aware that I've added something to my shoes! I'm highly motivated to get another pair for my hockey skates -- no more foot cramps in my life!

(Posted on 7/18/2014)


I. LOVE. THESE. I over pronate and my arches are falling. I'm female and just started skating and playing hockey at the ripe old age of 33. I spent the money for good skates (my feet are a mess) but I had to skate through blinding pain for 15-20 minutes until my feet finally went numb enough to be able to stay on the ice. It was so frustrating! I finally got a pair of these about a year ago and the difference was absolutely incredible. Not only do I only deal with slight pain (mostly pressure points on my bunions) but my feet never go numb. It's amazing how much better my skating/play is when I can actually feel my foot (and hence, my blades) through an entire game!!! I was concerned that maybe this just wasn't the sport for me but with my SF yellows, I'll be playing until they pry the stick out of my cold dead hands. Thank you!!!

(Posted on 6/4/2014)

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Superfeet Footwear Sizing Guide

There is no industry standard for footwear sizes. For example, a size 8 by one footwear manufacturer might be different from a size 8 produced by another. That's why Superfeet makes full-length insoles in size ranges (typically spanning 1½ sizes) to handle the variations. You may need to trim your insoles to fit in your footwear.

What to look for in a proper fit:

  • Check if your heel fits inside the heel cup, and not over the edge.
  • If the insole is too narrow, go up a letter-size.
  • If your toes extend beyond the end of the foam forefoot, go up a letter-size.