Best Running Apps to Track Your Run

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Best Running Apps to Track Your Run

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You put a lot of work in out on the roads to get your miles in—so shouldn't you start to track all those valuable miles? Today's modern, digital, connected world makes it easy to count those miles (and a host of other items) with a wide range of applications for your smartphone.

So, what's the best running app out there? If you're thinking, "Wow, it's time to track my run," consider some of these running apps.

Best Running Apps

    • Couch to 5K - This might be the best application out there for beginners. This running app is for people just starting out or immersed in a sedentary lifestyle, using a nine-week program to get burgeoning runners ready to tackle a 5K. The application tracks time and distance and provides verbal cues and support through an online community. This app will run you $2.99 and is available for both Android and iPhone.

    • RunGo is available for both iPhone and Android and offers one of the web's most magnificent libraries of running routes. Along with helpful routes created by nearby runners, RunGo allows users to create and upload their own favorite routes. Along with the planning features, RunGo tracks and logs runs, keeps time, distance, elevation, and calorie stats, and offers helpful speech feedback for a runner's distance and pace. Another useful feature on RunGo? The application works offline once all the routes get downloaded - helpful for trail running and places that don't have the best cellphone service. This is free to download, but in-app purchases will cost you up to $15.

    • Strava is an excellent option for exercisers of all levels. It's a powerful tracking application not only for runners, but for bikers, walkers, and swimmers. The application features superb tracking tools for this wide range of exercises, along with monthly digital challenges and local connections. You can download Strava for both Android and iPhone. The best part? It's free!

      Best Running Apps to Track Your Run

    • Map My Run is another powerful fitness tracker for iPhone and Android. The big sell on Map My Run? The customizable training plans and personalized coaching to help users grow as runners. It features powerful integration for Android Wear devices and Under Armour connected shoes and combines with the MyFitnessPal application to examine diet along with exercise. Map My Run also boasts a massive selection of activities to chronicle - everything from CrossFit to yoga. The regular version of the application is free, but users can upgrade to a paid "Premium" membership for benefits like live tracking and heart rate monitoring.

      Best Running Apps to Track Your Run

    • Peloton Digital is another high-performance option. You may automatically think of Peloton as the bike company (and they are), but Peloton also boasts a powerful runners' community. This one is more expensive ($19.49 a month for the monthly subscription, though the Digital version is free) than most, but the guidance and encouragement from the company's trainers (along with the excellent music playlist suggestions) are tough to beat. This application is available for both Android and iPhone.

    • The Nike Run Club is an excellent option for runners. Designed with the trademark flair and style of Nike, the Nike Run Club application is a wonderful addition for modern smartphones or smartwatches. It features guided audio runs with Nike coaches and athletes, along with plenty of engaging challenges, trophies, and personalized coaching plans. You can use the Nike Run Club to track and log your run along with other essential stats (like heart rate). The running app is free to download for iPhone and Android.

      Best Running Apps to Track Your Run


November 6, 2019