CARBON: The Lightweight Evolution

CARBON: The Lightweight Evolution

Today we start shipping our latest insole: the much anticipated CARBON. It’s our most innovative insole in the last 35 years.

The lightweight movement has claimed a place on the shelves. No one wants to take a lightweight shoe and add any bulk. But, while shoes are getting lighter and less bulky there is still a need for proper support. That is were CARBON comes in.

Carbon fiber can do what ordinary composites can't.

So what makes CARBON so special? That’s a good question. Let’s start with the heel. CARBON is the thinnest product we offer. CARBON’s stabilizer cap utilizes a new material that we created using a blend of a polymer and, you guessed it, carbon fiber material. The new material, called EVOLyte™, allows the stabilizer cap to be extremely strong, but still thin.

Strong + thin = less material. Less material = less weight.

Carbon Cap

The structured heel cup and distinct Superfeet shape support and stabilize the foot. Moving up to the foam, again we took a new approach and made it as thin and durable as possible to keep the weight and the thickness to a minimum, without sacrificing support or comfort.

Superfeet support. Lightweight design.

We know that all sounds pretty technical. The bottom line is that CARBON delivers the same exceptional support you have come to depend on from Superfeet, but in a sleek, thin package. CARBON’s durable EVOLyte provides reliable support for more feet in more types of footwear.

Think of your foot and your shoe as puzzle pieces. They don’t quite fit together. Superfeet insoles are the link. We adjust your footwear’s flat, 2-dimensional midsole to your 3-dimensional foot. Ahh, a perfect fit.

Like our other insoles, CARBON comes with a 60-Day Comfort Guarantee.

Oh, and one more thing, CARBON is made in the U.S.A.

Find them at your favorite retailer here or on our CARBON page.

Vive l'évolution.


September 16, 2013