Comfortable and Casual Shoes for Moms on the Go

Written by: Dr. Irene N. Evuleocha, DPM, FACFAS, DABPM. Dr. Evuleocha is a double board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, an educator, motivator and leader in the health care industry. She's on a mission to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and provides ways to improve foot health and alleviate foot pain and disorders. She is a wife, mother and boss, in all forms. Find Dr. Evuleocha on Instagram: @dr.evfootdoc.

Let’s face it: being a mother is all about managing time that we never seem to have. Gone are the carefree days of packing our purses with minor essentials and jetting out the door.  Motherhood requires us to swap out our tiny purses for a diaper bag and many other things necessary to keep it together with kids in tow.

But do women have to sacrifice style for comfort when they become mothers? Why can’t we have both?

Good news—we can. Today’s shoe designers have worked extremely hard to master the concept of functionable fashion. Here are my top five recommendations for types of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable  for moms-on-the-go (not in order of preference).

1. Casual Canvas Sneakers

A casual canvas shoe will give you the support and style that you are looking for. These shoes are easily paired with denim jeans and a nice crisp top. Buyer beware that often these types of shoes do not offer adequate support, especially if you have flat feet. My advice is to use a pair of orthotics in the casual canvas shoes for comfort that will last all day.

2. Wedge Bootie or Ankle Boot

Ankle boots like this light tan pair are a good choice for moms on the goAnkle boots like this light tan pair are a good choice for moms on the go

A wedge bootie or ankle boot is a comfortable option for fall or winter. The wedge bootie allows comfort, ease and fashion for a mom on the go. Podiatrist tip: Opt for a more round toe rather than a pointy toe to allow adequate space in the toe box, helping prevent pain in the forefoot.

3. Loafer Slip Ons

Loafer slip ons are where business meets casual. The upscale look of a closed toe loafer that can easily be slipped on and off is a fantastic dressy choice, especially after 5 pm.

4. Athletic Shoes

New Balance lifestyle sneakers, shown here in gray, are a great choice for moms on the go.New Balance lifestyle sneakers, shown here in gray, are a great choice for moms on the go.

For a mom on the go, it is imperative that you have good athletic shoes at your disposal. The New Balance lifestyle shoe line offers a lightweight shoe that can be easily used in daily activities. Two other good brands are Hoka and Brooks. Again, I would add an orthotic insert for further stability, if needed.

5. Wedge Heel

Wedge heels provide both comfort and style, with an extra style oomph a mom-on-the-go might be looking for. You can dress up wedge heels with a casual summer dress or wear them with jeans. Either way, wedge heels are my most recommended style of heels because they distribute the pressure across the ball of your feet more evenly, thereby resulting in less pain and better stability.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the above options. I recommend trying shoes on at the end of the day, as feet tend to swell as they day goes on, and you’ll get have a more accurate shoe fitting. The key is to choose options that work with your lifestyle.  

And remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. You can have both!

About the Author: Dr. EvAbout the Author: Dr. Ev
August 31, 2021