How Can Insoles Make Me A Better Runner?

How Can Insoles Make Me A Better Runner?

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I’m sure every time you've walked into a running store to try on a pair of shoes, an associate has handed you a pair of insoles to go along with those shoes.

But maybe you're not quite sure whether running shoe insoles are right for you. 

You might be thinking:  How are these going to make me a better runner? How are they going to enhance my running?

I'm sure that many of you have come to the same conclusion that I have — that if I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing I'm going to be able to go out train harder and longer. Therefore, if these insoles are giving me the comfort in my feet that I'm looking for, overall, I'm going to be a better runner.

Let’s talk more about how these insoles are giving you that added comfort that you are really looking for.

How do insoles for running shoes work?

The liners that come with your running shoes are flat and flimsy, and really not doing anything to help support your foot. Conversly, the shape of insoles like Superfeet is actually designed to help stabilize your foot and to help with any impact absorption and to reduce any acute repetitive stressors that are occurring on the bottom of your foot. When your feet are properly stabilized, this helps the rest of your body, including your lower legs, hips, and back work more efficiently together.

This is going to allow your body to not have to work as hard through each step. And you're going to be able to get the maximum propulsion that you need on that push off phase during your stride to give you more power when you run. This is done by redistributing pressure along the whole length of the foot, rather than just specific pain points on the bottom of the foot.

How to choose the right running shoe insole

In looking for the perfect insole for yourself, you want to find one that's going to hug your heel and cradle your arch. This snug fit is going to increase the total surface area in which your foot comes in contact with the insole, which is going to provide natural shock absorption. This is also going to help prevent any overuse or overload injuries that maybe occurring because of that poor form or muscle fatigue.

The cushioning added to Superfeet running insoles is not just there to provide additional comfort, but to actually help with the energy return of the insole itself, which is going to give you that feeling of springiness in each step. This is going to help reduce muscle fatigue, which is going to really impact your run form over the course of your run. Need help choosing which Superfeet insole is right for you and your running shoes?  Take this quick online quiz and get a personalized recommendation.

By removing the liner inside your shoe and adding in something that's three dimensional and shaped to your foot, you're giving your foot that comfort specific to you and your body's needs. 

January 20, 2022