Superfeet Ambassadors Share Their Favorite Local Trails

Superfeet Ambassadors Share Their Favorite Local Trails

As we all continue to stay close to home, we’re exploring our local trails a lot more. We asked some of our Superfeet Ambassadors to share their favorite trails, some just steps outside their door. 

Austin, Texas

Franscheka Martinez, a fitness coach in Austin, Texas, who loves all things movement and functional training.  Follow Franscheka on Instagram: @francheskafit.
Francheska at Onion Creek Trail
I’m new to mountain biking and love the Onion Creek trail because you can actually get lost for hours, maybe days but this trail connects to all parts of the greenbelt. It’s a super fun place to explore, whether you’re running or riding. Check out more information on the Onion Creek trail here.

Seattle, Washington

Christine McHugh is an avid runner and loves challenging herself with marathon distances.  Follow Christine on Instagram: @christine.mchugh.runs.
Discovery Creek Park, Seattle
I’ve been hitting my local trails a lot more often these days and am so lucky that I live a mile from a 500 acre park called Discovery Park, in Seattle. I love the trails because there’s wooded trails, beach options and sandy bluffs. This trail map has all the information you’ll need to check out Discovery Park.

Altadena, California

Kyle Whalum is a  professional musician, proud husband and father, and finisher of 14+ Ultramarathons including 4x100 miles. Follow Kyle on Instagram: @kylewhalum.
Gabrielino Trail outside of Los Angeles

My favorite local trail is the Gabrielino Trail in Altadena, CA. It’s just outside of Los Angeles and I love it because I can access this trail within a quarter mile from my front door. There’s streams, animals and I love it! Check out more information on the trail here.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Patrick Nguyen is an engineer turned trail runner from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Follow Patrick on Instagram: @runwithpatrick. Wildflower Trail at Snowbird Ski Resort

I’m highlighting the Wildflower Trail at Snowbird ski resort, less than 40 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah.  There isn’t much online info about this trail, so I consider it a local hidden gem.

This trail map has the best description for the Wildflower Trail: “Scenic trail from Hidden Peak into Mineral Basin to access the Peruvian Tunnel and Peruvian Chairlift. This moderate family hike offers sweeping views and is a favorite during wildflower season (July-August)."

Westminster, Colorado

Tjay's passion is backcountry skiing, but you can also find him rock climbing, mountain biking and running.  Follow TJay on Instagram: @teejayadventures.
Standley Lake Colorado
One of my favorite trails is Standley Lake located in Westminster, Colorado. It’s only 2 miles away from home and I just get on my mountain bike and start riding. Colorado is beautiful, the sunsets and being so close to the beach. Check out more information on this trail here.

Tell us: What's your favorite local trail. Tag us in your next adventure for a chance to be featured. #stepintosuperfeet.

August 11, 2020
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