Superfeet Giving Fair 2023: Celebrating Local Organizations

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Superfeet Giving Fair 2023

At Superfeet, support is literally what we do. The signature shape of Superfeet insoles provide a supportive, incredibly comfortable foundation in every step. But Superfeet support goes beyond just insoles. Every year, we give 1% of annual sales (plus over 1,000 volunteer hours) to organizations improving lives and helping the planet. 

We’re particularly passionate about organizations doing great work for our community in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, we welcome local non-profits to Superfeet headquarters for our annual Giving Fair. Held in-person for the first time since 2019, the 2023 Giving Fair was a chance for Superfeet team members to connect with 21 non-profits focused on mental health, providing resources for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, improving access to the outdoors, the local Boys & Girls club, and so much more.

“Folks were happy, engaging, listening, and so compassionate,” said Rebound Families Executive Director, Keri Smith. “I learned that Superfeet ships all over the world, that your designer is creative, that your customer service lead has a beautiful smile, that your shipping crew loves Hi-Chew candies, and that Superfeet not only allows, but encourages its employees to volunteer. I will remember today for a very long time."

One of the most impactful aspects of the Giving Fair is the money raised for all the great organizations. Superfeet allocates $1,000 for every employee to give to a non-profit of their choice each year. That’s over $140,000 in donations! Many Superfeet team members choose to give their $1,000 at the Giving Fair. This year, almost $80,000 was given to organizations in our local community.

Kim Brown, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Whatcom Board Co-president, said, “It was heartwarming to speak with employees, many of whom had never heard about NAMI. They were welcoming, eager to learn, thankful for what we do, and appreciated us being there to share our passion for improving the lives of all who experience mental health challenges.” NAMI Whatcom’s One Word Story Project gives local residents the opportunity to share their personal mental health journeys.

Andy Basabe, part of the leadership team at Vamos Outdoors Project, noted that the Superfeet Giving Fair, “stands out since we knew the event was going to bring resources to Vamos. It is hard to balance building community alongside providing our programs as so often the community building events take resources away from our programs. Great precedent Superfeet!”

June 22, 2023