Leif Whittaker and Freya Fennwood Hit the Road - Superfeet Super Sprinter On Tour

Leif Whittaker and Freya Fennwood

To most people Van Life is a just a dream, but we are making it a reality for four of our Super Squad members.

Thanks to our friends at Northwest Conversions our Super Sprinter Van recently got a little face lift.  Once a passenger van, the new build out is completely modular and allows us to choose between carting around 12 passengers or living out our van life dreams with a comfy interior. The raised bed is built in three easy to move sections that fold completely back and allow for use of the seat underneath. Likewise, the front seats swivel to create a comfy lounge while cooking or relaxing after a long day.


Superfeet Sprinter Van custom interior

Superfeet Sprinter Van Custom Interior - Kitchen!


The Super Sprinter will be hitting the road with four of our ambassadors over the next few months. Each one with a different passion from running to hiking to even climbing Everest (twice). But all of them are on a quest to meet new people and share their unique experiences with others. 

Meet Leif and Freya

Lief Whittaker and Freya Fennwood

First up will be Leif Whittaker and Freya Fennwood who will be making several stops on their month long journey to share Leif's experience climbing Everest twice. Leif is the son of famed mountaineer Jim Whitaker, who, in 1963 became the first American to summit Mt. Everest. During tour stops Leif will be sharing his experience climbing Everest as well as excerpts from his bestselling book My Old Man and the Mountain. Watch the video to learn more:


Follow their month long adventure on the @superfeet social media channels. Or stop by and meet Leif and Freya in person at one of the locations below:


April 6, 2017