The Unique Benefits of ME3D Personalized Insoles

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ME3D insole render with graphics

Since our humble beginnings as the Sports Medicine Division of the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory more than 40 years ago, Superfeet has used scientific knowhow and biometric data to push the boundaries of innovation in all areas of foot comfort. The proprietary Superfeet shape that delivers unrivaled support, enhanced performance and pain relief was created to better accommodate the contours of the human foot and allow your feet to move the way they are supposed to, no matter the shoes you wear or the unforgiving surfaces you walk on.  

A lot has changed since 1977, but our commitment to helping millions of people feel good on their feet using the latest scientific advancements and cutting-edge technology has never wavered. If anything, it has only gotten stronger!


ME3D personalized insoles are the newest innovation at Superfeet. These completely personalized, 3D-printed insoles are constructed to match the exact geometry of each individual foot. As we like to say around here, no two feet are alike – not even your own! It’s like wearing a tailor-made outfit that fits just right. Foot comfort has never been more couture.

Superfeet offers comprehensive measuring and assessment tools at running and sporting goods stores across the country. Using both a 360-degree three-dimensional scan and pressure pad data that records your biomechanics while you walk, we can form a complete picture of your unique feet and design an insole with incredible accuracy and precision to deliver the most comfortable experience you’ve ever had slipping into a pair of shoes.

The measurements and gait-cycle data from your scans are then sent off to the printer (the 3D printer, that is) and molded to match the contours of your feet and the way you move. You can even customize your new pair of ME3Ds with your name on the back. After all, these aren’t just any old shoe inserts, these are personalized premium insoles for your feet only.


For serious foot ailments, podiatrists can prescribe custom orthotics specifically made to address certain conditions. But these solutions are only meant for extreme cases and are still often a last resort. Prescription orthotics can cost hundreds of dollars, even after insurance.

Whether you are experiencing discomfort, want to boost performance while running, or just enjoy feeling your best even after a long day on your feet, premium insoles, especially a pair personalized to you, are an ideal option. But while the benefits of bespoke insoles are clear, deciding which ones are right for you is anything but. Let’s take a look at the different types of custom insoles and why ME3D offer a few distinct advantages.

It goes without saying that personalized insoles need to be made using specific measurements from a person’s feet, but how those measurements are obtained and just how much biomechanical information they convey can affect the resulting insoles.

Most custom shoe inserts, even some prescription orthotics, are taken from impressions of your feet left in foam. The footprints left behind show the size of your foot and the shape of your arch, but only while you are standing still. The dynamic pressure pad that gathers data for ME3D, on the other hand, creates virtual footprints based on the pressure you exert while walking.

Shown via a heat map with red illustrating areas of high pressure and blue indicating low pressure areas, these virtual footprints create a more complete picture of the way you move. That is a crucial difference since you’ll be doing more than just standing still in your insoles. Using the biomechanics of your gait allows ME3D to not only be personalized to the shape of your foot but also to the way your foot moves as you walk, thanks to five variable support zones along the heel and arch that can be tuned to the motion of your particular feet.

Find out more about all ME3D insoles have to offer, including the two available styles: the original ME3D for a personalized slim fit and ME3D Max, personalized plush support with dual-layer cushioning. 

January 17, 2023