Work at Home Tips from Superfeet Ambassador Christine McHugh

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Work at Home Tips from Superfeet Ambassador Christine McHugh

Work-at-home newbie? ( too.) We asked Superfeet Ambassador and experienced work-at-home professional Christine McHugh for her best advice for optimizing your new #worklife situation.  Read on to see what she had to say.
Work at Home Tips 1

Work from Home Tip 1: Find a routine

Whether working from home is total comfort or total chaos, how you start your day can make a big difference. I create blocks for key priorities for me, which include writing my book, fitness, community/family. Putting structure behind your day is so helpful in navigating your routine.

Work from Home Tip 2: Move regularly

Work at Home Tips 3

I recommend moving at least once an hour, even if it's just to stand up. Every couple of hours, walk around the house or yard or do some sort of exercise — squats, lunges, upper body, core or foam rolling to get the blood flowing.

Work from Home Tip 3: Opt for working in natural light

Or better yet, move your workspace at least once during the day. I work at my desk in my home office and spend time at the kitchen table to change it up. Variability can help break up the monotony. 

Work from Home Tip 4: Wear comfortable clothing

Work at Home Tips 2

Consider business on the top, athletic wear on the bottom. (Psst...Aftersport slides on your feet are a great option for your work-at-home wardrobe, too.)

Work from Home Tip 5: Set limits for yourself for computer or phone time
Work from Home Tips 4

And, when your limit with computer or phone time is up, get outdoors if you can.

Work from Home Tip 6: Take a meditation break

I recommend using Insight Timer.  Here are some tips to start incorporating meditation into your daily routine.

Work from Home Tip 7: Have a healthy lunch/snack

And don't forget to hydrate!

March 19, 2020