20-Minute At-Home Mobility Flow Workout

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20-Minute At-Home Mobility Flow Workout

By: Francheska Martinez. Franscheska is a movement and functional training coach in Austin, TX. She hosts bodyweight and kettlebell training workshops throughout the United States, focusing on fundamentals and technique. She also teaches online to connect with movers of all levels around the world. Find her on Instagram @franscheskafit.

This 20 Minute Mobility Workout is designed for both beginners and intermediate levels. We are going to be working the entire body with dynamic ranges of motion to improve our overall joint and tissue health. 

Using only our body weight, I will guide you through 5 of my favorite exercises for improving strength and mobility. 

If you're wondering what mobility is exactly, it's being able to create strength through your flexibility. So think of a gymnast or a figure skater. They are able to move within dynamic ranges of motion, while still being able to hold these ranges with integrity in their structure and movement. 

Now to touch on the element of "flow." Flow is commonly known as being in the present moment. Where you're so immersed in your physical practice that it allows you to achieve a somewhat meditative state. 

To find this "flow state," we need to find a practice that is both challenging, but skillful as well. Essentially, we need to get our brain AND body workout together in harmony, to overcome a particular obstacle (challenge), that requires some form of thought (skill) to accomplish. 

Throughout this 20 minute exercise I want you to focus on your breath, being sure to use your diaphragm as your primary breathing muscle (not the chest, neck, and shoulders).

Breathing Tip: Exhale through the effort. 

Using a squat as an example, inhale during the descent, and exhale at the top of each repetition. 

20 Minute At Home Workout

Repeat the entire circuit for 5 rounds
30 seconds each move | 90 seconds rest in between each move
5 exercises (2:30 work plus 1:30 rest)
4 min each round with rest
Rest 90 seconds rest between each round (If you're looking to get more out of your rest, focus on your breath and do some spine, shoulder, or hip mobility exercises.) 

Exercise 1: Shinbox Extensions x 30 seconds


Start sitting down. Bend your legs and bring your heels close to your glutes. Keep your spine as straight as you can and sit your knees over to one side, do your best not to shift your feet around. Lay both knees on the floor, actively pressing your shins into the ground. Thrust your hips up coming up to your knees squeezing your core and glutes. Slowly sit back down with control. Alternate sides.

Pro Tip: Keep both feet in place as you switch from side to side. Squeeze glutes and abs at tight. 

Exercise 2: Bear Crawls x 30 seconds


Start in the beast position, then raise your hips up towards the ceiling with a soft bend in your knees as you try to keep a long spine. Crawl lifting your opposite hand and opposite foot at the same time while keeping your limbs as straight as possible. Keep your hips high and try to minimize and swaying in your body. Slow and steady.

Pro Tip: Bring your ears in between your biceps.

Exercise 3: Reverse Lunge to Sumo Squat x 30 seconds


From a standing position, step back into a reverse lunge stacking your knees, hips, and shoulders. Keeping your chest proud, place your back heel on the ground and open up your hips as wide as possible. Squeeze your glutes and make sure you only go as far as your mobility allows, so don't let your knees collapse inwards. Alternate sides. 

Pro Tip: Only open up as far as your mobility allows. *Don't let your feet cave in.*

Exercise 4: Bodyweight Windmills x 30 seconds

Starting with your feet shoulder width apart, pivot your toes diagonally to the same side, as you drive your hips in the opposite direction of your toes. Try to keep your shoulders above your hips, then spread your arms wide stacking your shoulders. Focus on maintaining a long spine from the top of your head to your tailbone. Imagine trying to fit in between two window planes.

Pro Tip: Focus on creating tension in the hips by driving your legs out laterally.

Exercise 5: Duck Walks x 30 seconds


From a deep squat position, with a tight core, proud chest, and long spine, step one foot forward as you shift your weight onto the forward leg. Bring your feet together and alternate sides.

Pro Tip: Keep your torso stacked over your hips. 


March 12, 2020