Superfeet Helps Podiatry Students Serve Communities in the Dominican Republic

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New York College of Podiatric Medicine mission trip to Dominican Republic

At Superfeet, our support goes well beyond insoles. We donate 1% of annual sales and over 1,000 volunteer hours to organizations helping to shape a healthy future. But we also donate insoles to underserved communities around the world, sometimes through our medical division Superfeet Rx.

Superfeet Rx serves as a complete orthotic partner to medical practitioners, helping them serve patients and communities in a variety of ways. Superfeet Rx recently donated insoles to the International Podiatry Club at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. The IPC is committed to advancing education and knowledge in the field of podiatry across various countries. 

Their primary goal is to give their students a chance to improve their comprehension of the significance and range of podiatry worldwide through education seminars, guest speakers, and research. By doing so, they aim to provide aspiring podiatrists with an idea of what to expect if they pursue this profession in another country and promote a general understanding of how podiatry is viewed and practiced internationally. Additionally, the NYCPM club's mission involves traveling to underserved regions and delivering podiatric-focused medical care to those in need while also working to raise awareness about the importance of podiatric medicine.

The International Podiatry Club recently went on their annual medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Superfeet Rx donated insoles to assist the third-year students in serving underserved regions and provided podiatric-focused medical care to those in need. Here are some testimonials from the third-year students who had the opportunity to participate.


"Doing the mission trip to the Dominican Republic was an incredible experience. Being able to help so many people in such a short amount of time made me realize how much of an impact we could make in the long run. The people were grateful because of all the care we provided for them and we were certainly grateful since they welcomed us in their communities and trusted us with their health. This is certainly not the last mission trip I take. I had a great time with amazing people and I am looking forward to reliving such a great experience in the future."

- Jennifer Augustin, Class of 2024


"I had an incredible time in the Dominican Republic (DR). It was truly exhilarating to take an exam, fly out of the country, and then return for another exam. During our time there, we achieved a great deal, from performing amputations to distributing all of our supply of Superfeet insoles. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have gone, and I would gladly do it again. The experience taught me valuable lessons about resourceful problem-solving and provided me with insights into the daily struggles faced by others and how they live."

- Orlexia Thomas, Class of 2024


"It was an amazing experience getting to help treat patients in different communities in the Dominican Republic! Every single patient was so grateful for just us being there and it was meaningful to be able to give them inserts and braces that helped alleviate pain and provide more foot support to people who are on their feet all the time. Thank you for Superfeet!" 

- Treloara Harrisson, Class of 2024

July 28, 2023