Two Complete Halloween-Themed Workouts

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Two Complete Halloween-Themed Workouts

By: Justine Van Drunen — Superfeet Wellness Panel Member. Justine has lost 141lbs by maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Justine, known online as Lean Justine, chronicles her journey on her Instagram and YouTube channels, sharing workout videos, nutrition tips and fitness inspiration. Her passion is helping others reach their goals.

Here are two complete workouts to get your heart rate up this Halloween, sans scare tactics. Try these spooktacular exercises today…if you dare.

Halloween at-home curtsy lunges Halloween at-home curtsy lunges

BOO-ty Blaster HIIT Workout

6 spooky exercises | 30 seconds of work (15 sec/side) | 10 second breaks between each exercise

  1. Monster Squats
  2. Walking Dead Lunges
  3. Thriller Side Lunges
  4. Candy Corn Curtsy Lunges
  5. Skeleton Skaters
  6. Raise the Deadlifts

A Wicked Core HIIT Workout

5 frightening exercises | 30 seconds of work (15/side) | 10 second breaks between each exercise

Complete circuit 3 times taking 1 minute breaks between rounds:

  1. Witchy Plank with Leg Lift
  2. Bloody Bent Leg Planks
  3. Skeleton Side Taps
  4. Candy Plank Knee Taps
  5. Ghouling Knee Up to Ghostly Leg Lift
October 21, 2020