Meet the super squad

Made up of people who inspire, motivate and influence others, no matter what their passion, our Squad goes above and beyond to accomplish amazing things. When faced with the unexpected these everyday people achieve the extraordinary. Because when you believe anything is possible, nothing should hold you back.

Ambassador Badge Kyle
One day, about 10 years ago, I found myself dissatisfied, overweight, underslept, anxious, and horribly out of shape. The typical lifestyle of a young, road-weary musician had caught up with me. Too much partying, little to no sleep, inactivity, and a cigarette and alcohol habit that would have been at home on the set of Mad Men had left me high and dry. Having dabbled in “jogging” on and off through college, I decided to go for a mile run. That ended up being the day that would transform the rest of my life. Within months I ran a local 5k, then a half marathon, then a full. By 2012 I had taken up trail running and signed up for a mountain trail 50k in Chattanooga. Over 20 ultramarathons (including three successful one hundred mile races) later, I can look back to that one day and feel a tremendous lump of gratitude. When i’m not in the studio or on tour backing up Kelly Clarkson, you’ll find me training on my sweet hometown trails. You can follow my adventures in running and on the road below!
Ambassador Badge Paulina
Paulina is a weekend warrior. With a regular ol' day job, she believes in the 5-9 after work. She is passionate about telling diverse stories in the outdoors, protecting public lands, and she's a bit of a gear nerd. In her spare time, you can find her climbing, backpacking, snacking or napping outside.
Ambassador Badge Shannon & Andy
Shannon and Andy are both photographers, skiers, and mountain bikers, and adventurers based out of the small eastern Washington town of Naches. Shannon is also an ultra runner, and a multi-business owner - balancing her roles as head MTB and yoga coach for her company, Girls with Grit, as well as lead writer and photographer for Mahre Media. As a team, Shannon and her husband, Andy Mahre, own and run Mahre Media, providing high level content and marketing materials to clients all over the world. But their greatest adventure together yet has been that of parenthood, which began for this duo with the arrival of their son, Ryder. Now the adventure has truly begun.
Ambassador Badge Gina
I am a racer and a pacer; from 5k to marathons, Ironman to Ultras, short and long, fast and slow, morning, noon, or night. If it's an adventure ~ count me in! Proficient at smiling, positivity, and finding inspiration from others.
Ambassador Badge Tyrhee
Tyrhee Moore is a mountaineer and outdoor education advocate born and raised in S.E. Washington, D.C. Moore is a highly regarded outdoorsman whose climbs include Grand Teton, Mount Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, and the first all African-American climb of Denali. Following his second ascent of Denali in May 2017, Moore has garnered National attention for his unnerving bravery and bold leadership as a champion for increasing interest and advocacy amongst black youth in outdoor spaces. His advocacy includes appearances on The Weather Channel, Food Network and as a cast member of the award-winning documentary An American Ascent. Moore’s experiences in the outdoors started when he was only eleven years old. As a recent graduate from West Virginia University with a degree in Sport Management, Moore now encourages diversity in the outdoors and speaks around the country on topics regarding the adventure gap and conservation leadership. Tyrhee is passionate about sharing his experience and aspires to use his experience outside to inspire the next generation to rediscover the power of the world’s wildest and most uninhabited places.
Ambassador Badge Aisha
Sea-born and mountain-bred, Aisha has been blessed with a life of sand-filled eyes, bruised knees, frost-bitten toes, perpetual bathing suit tan lines, and nails too short to paint. She is based out of Carbondale, Colorado. Her days are full of long runs and steep descents, dancing atop mountain summits with shiny jewelry and incorrect plant identification, followed by trumpet jam sessions, Ayurvedic cooking, and bunk beds.
Ambassador Badge Amy & David
David and Amy met at a half Ironman race and developed a friendship based on their mutual love of training and racing, road running, trail running and triathlons. Combined they have completed 11 Ironman races, 100’s of road and trail races, multiple marathons, 50k’s and in 2017 they finished their first 50 miler and Boston Marathon. They share a passion for endurance sports and were married on the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in 2016. They love training and racing together along with Mira the wonder dog.
Ambassador Badge Kristoffer
I'm a cyclist from Maura in Norway following my dream to one day become a professional. I'm doing what I love and enjoy every single moment out on the road or in the woods. This is what I've done for the past 12 years and hope to do for the next 12 years ahead. 2018 will be an adventure and I'm looking forward to travel the world and race my bike.
Ambassador Badge Sophia
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I feel so lucky to call the Cascade Mountains my home. I spend most of my free time skiing; whether its chasing storms in the winter, or skinning up volcanoes come springtime. I also enjoy climbing, biking, slacklining, reading and anything that allows me to be outside. I'm passionate about connecting people to the outdoors which lead me to pursue a degree in Environmental Education at Western Washington University. I look forward to continue exploring the beautiful North Cascades and surrounding area!
Ambassador Badge Amanda
I am a Seattle native with a strong bond to the Pacific Northwest. At a young age, I discovered my love for hiking in the lush mossy forests, jumping over logs and trying to identify all the native plants and mushrooms. The rain has never bothered me here and I make sure I have fun outside in all seasons. During the winters I am on the mountain skiing to my heart’s content. As the days get longer I start up my weekly running routine again and enjoy the fresh air of trail running. The summer is my favorite time for backpacking and camping, nothing quite like swimming in a freezing glacial lake on an 80-degree day. The fall time is a precious time of going inward and I enjoy long walks in the rain, rustling the leaves and hiking in the damp woods. I have a deep connection to nature and find solace in playing outside. Through photography I have been able to tap into my creative side while documenting all the beauty I see in nature. My goal is to share this beauty and connection with others in the hope that they too will experience their own appreciation for our amazing planet.
Ambassador Badge Brittany
My name is Brittany and I’m from British Comlubia Canada. I’m an outdoor enthusiast who wants to inspire others to get out and explore or local BC parks. I’m very passionate about my outdoor photography and try to get out with my family to make new memories every week. I also very much enjoy hiking/climbing. I’m very excited to be apart being an ambassador for Superfeet and I can’t wait to be apart of a team.
Ambassador Badge Katie
Based in the mountain playground of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there's a high probability that you'll find me on my skis/mountain bike with camera in tow. When I spontaneously moved to Truckee CA to take a gap year from college, I had no idea how much ski instructing would impact the trajectory of my career and passions. Five years later I’m still teaching kiddos how to perfect their "pizzas", but now also work as action sports photographer and content writer for Teton Gravity Research.
Ambassador Badge Courtney
Ultra marathon runner with a love for long inseams and long distance races. I love pushing my mental and physical limits and am continually wondering "what else can our brains and bodies do?" My feet are my vehicle for exploring the outdoors and every pair of shoes I wear has Superfeet along for the ride. Recent results include overall winner of the Moab 240, 1st place woman at Run Rabbit Run 100, American record holder for 24 hours (155.39 miles) and member of the US 24 Hour team.
Ambassador Badge Matthew
Papa. Husband. Runner. Artist. I'm a pizza loving trail-runner that has mostly given up on the pizza! I've started to run a few Ultra's as well as striving to complete a clean sweep of the ADK 46 high peaks before I move onto the White mountains in New Hampshire. I enjoy documenting the adventure just as much as I love experiencing it! "My whole life I've wanted to tell good story. It started when I was younger, and then it was a passion for writing. as I grew up it changed to telling visual stories and helping companies find their own voice." Matthew Novak calls the North-East his home and spends his free time chasing his daughters around the farms and pastures of Sussex County New Jersey and Orange County New York. He equally enjoys working on design projects as much as photo and video projects, and can be reached by email at
Ambassador Badge Bryce
After moving to Upstate New York from Wisconsin in 2004, I found that I had the expansive Adirondack Park as my backyard and soon rescued two Border Collie mixes to share this outdoor adventure playground with: Tonto and Finn. Both dogs help me remember to not sweat the small stuff, to live each day to the very fullest and chase my goals. To date, I have climbed all 46 of the high peaks in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and I currently live in Portland, Oregon, where I cherish each day I can spend with my four-legged best friends exploring the PNW. We recently bought a converted van and adventure as much as we can - backpacking, hiking, running and just enjoying the great outdoors - #vanlife for the win!
Ambassador Badge Richard
I am an adventure seeker, lover of mountains and all things running. I run everything from 10k to ultra marathon distances. While I love a short run, I find the most joy covering long distances, completing challenging ultras, and surrounding myself with all the amazing folks that make trail running a community. Running is my mecca and runners are some of my best friends. Hope to see you on the trail.
Ambassador Badge Edgar
I am a twenty year veteran law enforcement officer for a large Kansas City Metropolitan agency. I also served in the United States Marine Corps for twelve years. Besides my family, my passion lies in the upland fields chasing birds and traveling across public lands throughout Kansas and the Midwest hunting open fields, walking tree lines, & bustin’ through plum thickets with an emphasis on DIY public access areas.
Ambassador Badge Spencer
I discovered mountain biking in 1998, and with support from wonderful family, friends and colleagues, it stuck with me through high school, college, and a seven year career in renewable energy. Since making it to the elite ranks in 2011, I've competed on six continents, from the World Cup to backyard cyclocross, chased a spot at the Olympics, met lots of amazing people, and started my own coaching business here in Bellingham, WA.
Ambassador Badge Patrick
I love the freedom and adventure of exploring the world by foot, bike, and skis! Adventure travel and mountain running are my two main passions and I love inspiring others to be active outdoors through my photography! I would love to have Spider-Man's spider like superpowers so I never risk falling while adventuring up and down mountains. Run with me on all my adventures by clicking the social media icons below.
Ambassador Badge Julie
My passion for life is fueled by playing in the mountains. Whether it's backpacking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, snowboarding or exploring, you know where to find me. Or not! I grew up in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee where my love of the mountains began as a child and later manifested into moving to Wyoming/Idaho as an adult. Now with the Teton Mountains as my home base my thirst for adventure is getting quenched!