All Together Now: Superfeet All-Company Volunteer Day 2023

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Superfeet volunteers clearing ivy in a forest

At Superfeet, we help a global community of athletes, workers, hikers, and everyone in between get the most out of every step with pain-free feet that are comfortable and supported. But the support of Superfeet is felt beyond our insoles, especially here in our local community of Whatcom County, Washington.

Along with donating 1% of annual sales to organizations creating a happier, healthier planet and giving Superfeet team members paid time off to volunteer, we also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring the whole company together on a Friday afternoon to support people and the environment where we call home.

Three groups of eager Superfeeters tackled three different tasks: clearing harmful, tree-killing ivy from over 40 trees and the surrounding ground in a local park, removing invasive blackberry brambles from a protected environmental area, and sorting produce and packing boxes at a local food bank.

The Whatcom Million Trees Project is dedicated to not only planting native seedlings to provide benefits well into the future but also protecting the majestic, mature forests, particularly around watershed areas, that already provide numerous benefits today and help defend against damaging floods, water quality issues, extreme heat domes and more.

Whatcom Million Trees was the perfect partner to help organize an event centered around clearing ivy away from trees that could be harmed and even killed by the ivy’s invasive spread. Superfeet volunteers, including new CEO Trip Randall, got to work restoring the natural habitat of the forest, giving old and new trees alike a chance to thrive.

The increasing spread of invasive English Ivy and Atlantic/Boston Ivy in western Washington is aided by its availability at many retailers and garden stores. Already prohibited in Oregon, Whatcom Million Trees Project has created a petition asking the Washington State Department of Agriculture to prohibit the sale of English Ivy in Washington as well. You can sign the petition here.

While some Superfeet team members removed invasive ivy, another group provided a similar service clearing out blackberry bushes in partnership with frequent Superfeet collaborator Whatcom Land Trust – an organization dedicated to the stewardship and protection of crucial environmental regions around Whatcom County. Armed with shovels and plenty of will power, Superfeet team members dug up the invasive blackberry brambles by the roots, helping to stop their spread for good.

Last but certainly not least, a group of Superfeet volunteers brought good spirits and helping hands to the Ferndale Food Bank. They sorted produce and packed boxes of food for local families.

We could not be more thrilled to bring back our all-company volunteer day! While Superfeet team members generously give their time to many great organizations throughout the year, the all-company volunteer day is a chance to come together all at once and give back to people and the environment in Whatcom County, home of Superfeet HQ.

August 24, 2023