Superfeet 2023 Year in Review

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Hiker holding Superfeet insoles above his head looking out over a mountain view

2023 was one of the most eventful years in recent memory at Superfeet. We introduced new names, new products, and new people. We also gave thousands of dollars to local and national organizations helping to create a better world and volunteered our time in the community, doing everything from clearing invasive ivy and blackberries allowing old growth forests to thrive to creating a welcoming space for tenants by building furniture and setting up new affordable housing units. Last, but certainly not least, we took the first steps toward our ambitious sustainability goals by publicly sharing the meticulous work we’ve done over the past two years to measure the entire carbon footprint of Superfeet, information we’re already utilizing to help reduce our emissions.

Read on for more details about 2023 at Superfeet.

New Names, Same Great Support

The most obvious transformation at Superfeet this year involved our product names and packaging. Our talented team of designers found the perfect middle ground between eye-catching aesthetics and clear presentation, creating a consistent look across all products and showcasing the benefits of each insole. Icons indicating arch height, thickness, and cushioning feel combined with new product names that put the use-case front and center make it easier than ever to find the right insole for you. Read more about our new names and packaging here.

Meet New Superfeet CEO, Trip Randall

After ten years of expert leadership expanding our reach and guiding Superfeet to new heights, CEO John Rauvola retired in 2023. Though he left big shoes (and insoles) to fill, new Chief Executive Officer Trip Randall was the perfect person to step into the role. With more than 20 years of experience in various leadership positions at Nike, and a passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives, "Trip's appointment to lead Superfeet marks an exciting new chapter in our company's journey,” John Rauvola says. Read the full press release sharing the news here.

Introducing All-New Run Cushion Medium Arch Insoles

With the new product names came the clarification of which insoles fit different arch heights. There were high, medium, and low arch insoles for All-Purpose use and for runners who like the structured support of carbon fiber in their shoes. But for runners and athletes who like the cushion and flexibility of Superfeet insoles previously known as ADAPT Run, there was only Run Cushion High Arch and Run Cushion Low Arch – at least for a few short months. That all changed in October 2023 with the introduction of Run Cushion Medium Arch insoles. Now anyone with any arch height can enjoy the signature Superfeet shape in a flexible, cushioned insole designed for running and athletic shoes. Find out more about the design and features of Run Cushion Medium Arch insoles here.

Supporting Our Communities and the Planet

Supporting people is at the heart of everything we do at Superfeet, and that support extends beyond insoles. Every year, we give 1% of sales to organizations helping to create a better world, and 2023 was no different. One initiative we’re particularly proud of is our local grants program. Superfeet gives grants up to $10,000 to organizations doing good in our own community of Whatcom County, Washington. This year, our grants helped protect habitats for native salmon, supported programs for foster care youth, assisted the local food bank, and so much more. Superfeet also sponsored an all-company volunteer day, giving our team members the opportunity to safeguard our local environment from invasive plants.

Here's to 2024

In addition to all the major achievements described above, Superfeet also sponsored Take the Lead (the first-ever running-industry retreat centering the experience of women and femme of color to lead the change they want to see in the running industry), donated insoles to podiatry students to help treat patients in the Dominican Republic, and highlighted our team and the fantastic work they do.

Thank you to all our team members and partner organizations who made 2023 such a great year for Superfeet, here’s to 2024!

December 26, 2023