Inside our insoles.

When you move, Superfeet insoles move with you, providing support in all the right places at the right times.

The keys to our unique design are the patented heel cup, stabilizer cap and firm foam that provide the shape which supports the foot and arch. It’s this distinct shape that sets Superfeet insoles apart from any other product on the market.


A fit for every foot.

Superfeet insoles come in a variety of materials and thicknesses and can be used for most activities, under any type of foot.

Low arched, medium arched, high arched foot types iconography


A fit for every shoe.

Superfeet insoles are available for just about any kind of style and type of footwear from dress shoes to cleated boots.

A fit for every age.

Our Superfeet products are available in just about any range of sizes to fit almost anyone from children to adults.