At Home Workouts for Whole Family Fitness

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At Home Workouts for Whole Family Fitness

Written with contributions from Superfeet Wellness Experts

Looking to get your family fit or moving? It's hard to find workouts that the whole family—including the younger family members—can do...until now.  We've come up with this list of several fun family fitness home workouts that will get the muscles moving and the blood pumping for the whole family. These include fun exercise for kids that adults will enjoy too. As always, make sure the entire family stretches before or after the workout and stays hydrated the whole time.

Ready to get moving? Let's get started!

Start the family with a set of burpees. These are fun, engaging home workout exercises that works out the whole body - and they're just quirky enough that kids may start to love them! Try starting everyone off with a set of five, and then progressing with a few more each week. See how many the kids can do.

After that, go for a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups. Stick with some of the classics to get the kids used to these reliable exercises. Start with ten repetitions each and increase the reps every day or week. See how many a family can do in a month! Try to set a goal and hit it. Be sure to teach young kids the proper form for both exercises so they can do them right through the rest of their lives.

The inchworm exercise is something that kids of all ages love to do—and it's an excellent family fitness workout for all ages. Kids love it because—well, after all, who doesn't want to try to be a worm every day? Start by asking everyone to do two or three repetitions and increase as time goes on.

Jumping rope is a fun exercise that is an excellent cardio workout and is also plenty of fun for all involved. This will probably be tougher for older adults than it will be for kids. Try to see how long you can jump rope, or see how many repetitions you can do. Grab a longer rope and have your family swing it to get everyone involved in the workout!

Side planks, regular planks, and bridges are fun to do, don't require any equipment, and help build strong core muscles for all participants. Start by asking everyone to hold the poses for 30 seconds, and then up the challenge every day or week.

At Home Workouts for Whole Family Fitness

Mountain Climbers are another fun and challenging exercise that is just engaging enough to hold the attention of the smallest exerciser in the family. Get the legs pumping for everyone by asking your family to start with five repetitions on each side, and then let the number grow every week.

At Home Workouts for Whole Family Fitness

Finally, don't forget about the cardio! Try scheduling some time with the family do get some steps in for a home workout every day. Aim for a family walk around the block or to the middle of town after dinner. For something a little more ambitious, how about signing up for a (virtual) 5K?  It's a great way to get the whole family involved and engaged!


March 18, 2020