Introducing New Superfeet Product Names and Packaging

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Forty years ago, Superfeet introduced an insole that offered structured support with a science-backed shape contoured to the biomechanics of the human foot. That insole, simply called GREEN, became legendary for its durable, long-lasting support. Superfeet GREEN, still one of the most popular Superfeet insoles, has been joined by many others tailored to specific activities and types of footwear that also offer a wider range of cushioning and flexibility. 

In the spirit of innovation that has guided Superfeet since its founding, we are giving the same great products known worldwide for providing comfort and support brand new names to better reflect the purpose and feel of each insole. We are also refreshing the packaging with an updated design that showcases what makes Superfeet different and clearly indicates important information like arch height, thickness, and cushioning feel. 

The name changes and packaging updates simplify the Superfeet insole selection process so you can quickly and easily understand how each Superfeet product will meet your unique needs. 

"For those who know and love Superfeet, our GREEN insole is synonymous with firm support and recognizable simply by its color name, but we know this naming convention doesn’t explain what the insole provides and the many benefits wearers can experience,” says Trip Randall, CEO at Superfeet. “We want to support as many feet as possible, and we’re confident that simplifying the insole discovery process with more descriptive names and updated packaging is a big step towards achieving that goal.” 

The updated and more descriptive naming convention spans across the entire product lineup, providing consistency and easy differentiation between styles. You can count on the same trusted insole design and performance as each style maintains the signature orthotic shape Superfeet is known for. The all-new names feature the activity directly in the name—all-purpose, run, hike, hockey, winter, casual—and include the primary benefit each insole will deliver—support, cushion, performance. 

How to find the right insole for you

It’s never been easier to find the perfect Superfeet insoles that match your feet and footwear. First, think about how you’ll use your Superfeet. Are you looking for more cushion in your hiking boots or do you want better performance out of your hockey skates? Maybe you want to add arch support to your casual everyday shoes or need long-lasting support for a variety of activities?

Look to the first part of each new name to indicate what each insole is designed for, whether it be Hike, Run, All-Purpose, Hockey, etc. The next part of each name points to the underfoot feel – Support (durable arch support and presence under the foot) or Cushion (flexible support that feels like it’s built into your shoes). Look for a cushioning scale on each product page that illustrates from soft to firm how each insoles feels as well. 

Lastly, some insoles specify whether they are designed with a Low, Medium, or High Arch height right in the name, like All-Purpose Support Medium Arch or Run Cushion High Arch

In addition to the new names, each insole now comes with a thickness indicator. Insoles with a MAX thickness work best replacing the removable liner in roomy shoes and boots while insoles with a THIN thickness can fit in slim-fitting footwear, even some without removable liners.

If you need a place to begin, or you’re having trouble choosing between many great options, take the Insole Finder quiz. Click through the tabs below to see a full list of all products with new and previous names. 

July 18, 2023