Introducing Superfeet Winter Insoles

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Did you know? Superfeet had its early beginnings in the ski industry.  One of the very first Superfeet, dubbed the Insta-Ski-Thotic, was a heat-molded cork insole developed in partnership with Nordica and custom-created for snow sport athletes on the US Olympic Team in the late 1970’s.

The founders of Superfeet recognized that snow sport boots, as a default, are often rigid and unforgiving and can be painful to wear for long periods of time. They embraced the challenge to create solutions to help boots fit and feel better. 

A collage of three Superfeet advertisements from the late 70s and early 80s featuring retro images of skiers A collage of three Superfeet advertisements from the late 70s and early 80s featuring retro images of skiers

And while most of us have left several things from the 70’s behind (we’re looking at you, one-piece bell-bottom snowsuit), the original idea behind the Insta-Ski-Thotic — to help your ski and snowboard boots fit and feel better, so you can stay on the mountain longer — lives on today. 

We're pleased to be able to take the foundational elements of that signature Superfeet orthotic shape and combine them with the technology and materials of today to create two all-new Superfeet insoles especially made for your snowy pursuits. 

Introducing Superfeet WINTER Comfort and WINTER Comfort Thin — Your Season Pass to Comfort

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these two new insoles for ski boots and snowboard boots so special.

Built on the foundation of our proprietary EVOLyte® carbon fiber infused stabilizer cap, Superfeet Winter Support and Winter Thin Support insoles deliver responsive support that keeps its shape through every turn.  Like their predecessors, these insoles feature medial and lateral support, giving you a secure fit and feel on both sides of your feet as you carve your path on the slopes.  Comfort foam with a thermal top cover provide long lasting warmth, cushioning and support.  Built with the signature deep heel cup Superfeet are known for, both new insoles cradle your heels to amplify your body’s own cushioning and keep you and your feet feeling great all season long.  Finally, beveled edges on the forefoot help improve fit and reduce tightness around the toes and make it easier to trim and drop into your boots. 

"A better fitting boot can make a world of difference for skiers and snowboards. It can be the mean being able to stay out on the mountain longer without having to battle pressure points, added fatigue and cold feet. And finding that perfect fit starts with the solid foundation that Superfeet shape provides," says Matt Gooch, Superfeet VP of Product and Innovation. "Our new winter insoles are comfort-driven, but also add stability and enhance edge control. The combination of improved comfort and performance is the key to enjoyment and improvement from first chair to après."

Why two insole choices for ski and snowboard boots?

Not all boots fit the same. 

Some snow sports enthusiasts prefer to wear roomier boots, often called a comfort-fit. If that’s you, choose Superfeet Winter Support insoles — they’re made with two layers of comfort foam for extra cushioning underfoot. 

If you wear performance-fit boots that fit a little slimmer and have less wiggle room, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.  Superfeet Winter Thin Support insoles have a thinner profile, designed to fit well in a slimmer-fitting, performance-fit boot.

Where to buy new Superfeet WINTER insoles

Find Superfeet insoles at your local winter outfitter or shop online.  Need help choosing the right Superfeet for you? Answer a few quick questions on our Superfeet online insole finder quiz and we'll suggest the best fit for all your snowy pursuits. 

Winter is coming, and it's looking comfortable. Ready, set...snow! 

October 11, 2022
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